Easy Recipe: Truffle Artichoke Mac n’ Cheese with Almonds

truffle artichoke mac n cheesePossibly the easiest recipe I’ve come up with… there’s not even any onions! It’s flavorful, crunchy, & cheesy! Not exactly healthy, but a nice way to treat yourself 🙂

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Food Journal: Sweet Potatoes, Zuchinni, & Cauliflower.

I barely cooked at all this week… I ate a bunch of simple meals that I didn’t bother taking photos of (beans and quinoa) as well as left overs. I made 2 dishes that were not like the rest. Here they are…

sweetpotatoes and cauli

Basil and cayenne pepper baked sweet potato with a side of mashed cauliflower.

I love the spicy tang with the sweetness of the potato.

The mashed cauliflower is dressed with browned onions (in soy sauce), lightly browned garlic, lots of garlic powder, and smoked paprika.


Zucchini Salad with a side of quinoa + beans on a bed of fresh greens (Spinach, baby kale, and romaine lettuce).

Zucchini salad: thinly sliced (using peeler) zucchini, red onions, pecans, finely chopped whiskey sour pickles, rice wine vinegar, olive oil, coarse sea salt, and dill weed.


As always, these take 30 min. or less.


I don’t like recipes, as I’ve mentioned, but I’m always on the lookout for ideas on something new to make. Care to share what yummy dish you made this week?

Food Journal: Keeping it Bulky.

This week was pretty shitty. I made a couple of batches of dishes so that I wouldn’t have to cook much… I made 3 dishes and ate out/ordered in one too many times. When I did manage to summon the energy to make something, it was pretty damn delicious.


A light cherry tomato and herb goat cheese angel hair pasta dish with sautéd yellow squash, black beans, and tempeh (seared in the sauce) and garnished with a crap load of raw green onion.

3 dishes: (1) A light edamame, cherry tomato, and red onion salad dressed with rice vinegar, olive oil, coarse sea salt, and green onions.     (2) Squash veg. medley (soy sauce blackened onions, yellow squash, & tempeh) (3) Truffle & dill weed roasted cauliflower and baby carrots.


Baked apples and pears topped with Vanilla gelato & raw pecans.

left oversI’m not even sure what was below the pile of freshly chopped green onion and melted mozz. (leftovers from some veggie and cashew medley I made the week before) accompanied by a piece of a Wang (Wangs in Brooklyn = BEST chicken wings).


Food Journal: Kale.

Ok, so maybe not only kale. But I bought a big bag of the green goodness and had a bunch this past week. I’ve failed to take note/picture all of my meals (I think that’s just not a possibility), but I did manage to take a few… so if you’re in the market for some fresh healthy (and yummy if I do say so myself) ideas, here ya go.


Browned onions in red chile sesame oil, soy sauce sautéed shitake mushrooms and asparagus with balsamic marinated artichoke hearts mixed with kale. On the side of curried lentils & a brown rice medley.

Food3 food3_2

Pearl couscous medley (with baby garbanzo beans, orzo, and quinoa) mixed kale and raw cashews in a garlic and yellow tomato sauce (browned onions, yellow tomatoes, garlic powder, garlic, and smoke paprika). Topped with 2 semi-runny eggs. (I really wanted these to be more runny…)


Quick breakfast… buckwheat, shredded mozz, and season chick peas. BOOM.

I like to keep chick peas around for snacking and quick meal additions like this. I buy them dried (cheaper) and soak them in water (not the whole bag at once, because that’s like a LOT) over night. I drain them in the morning (you can just try one to make sure they’re soft) and season them with whatever I feel like that day. These were seasoned with sea salt, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and dill weed. I never go ‘easy’ on anything… the more spice the better. Bold is YUM.

food3_5 food3_6

Browned onions, raw cashews, and sautéed kale over a bed of roasted parsnips and beets (seasoned with a bit of yellow curry powder).


Kale was definitely the key player this week. I ate ‘out’ 3x this week. 2 times too many :\ The fried chicken wings down the street were calling my name!!! I’ll do better next week.

Have some yummy Kale recipes/ideas to share?! I’d love to hear them.

Food Journal: My Week in Food I Haven’t Made in a While

Saturday is my grocery day… I bought things this week that I didn’t last week. This is pretty much my grocery shopping mantra. I don’t do lists unless I ‘need’ something thats a staple… e.g. olive oil or onions. I like walking through the produce section and seeing what looks good that I didn’t get last week, this way I’m know I’m getting a variety of foods all the time.

Saturday 01.31

Breakfast: A Fuji apple + Coffee.

Lunch: My famous MUSH to finish up the leftover veggies with a side of a couple blood oranges.

Saturday Lunch1

Left: Israeli pearl couscous medley with baby garbanzo beans and orzo cooked with smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

Right: Simple veg. medley – browned onions, baby bellas, cherry tomatoes, beans, and green onions sautéd in soy sauce.

Saturday Lunch2

dinner: Yum.

Saturday Dinner

Roasted truffle, garlic & dill fingerling potatoes with hot (red chili peppers) & cheesy buckwheat lentils (just cook buckwheat and lentils separately, combine and add shredded mozz).

Late night snack with friends: Flax seed chips with TJ’s Spinach dip… this was probably a little extra.


Breakfast: Leftovers. 
Sunday Breakfast3

Sunday Breakfast2Same as Saturday’s lunch.

Turns out I forgot all about this post. I’ll try again next week (I’m not giving up on this yet!). Here are a couple other dishes I had managed to take a pic of this week:

fried couscous

This is my version of broccoli fried rice… only I make it Broccoli fried pearl couscous (a kind of pasta made with whole wheat). [browned onions in a red chili sesame oil, broccoli sautéed in soy sauce, pearl couscous, baby garbanzo beans, orzo, and raw pumpkin seeds] I made a giant portion of this and had leftovers for days.

scrambled eggsMy current breakfast go-to. Cheesy (mozz) scrambled eggs and edamame. Dill weed for flavor.

All in all I succeeded in not going out this week. Just Monday dinner at La Esquina where I met up with some old friends. I had a chicken milanese sandwich. It was alright. Not bad… I should know better than to order sandwiches seeing as how I’m not a big fan. The large layer of melted fresh mozz was the best part.

Next week I’ll do better. I promise. Do you have any fun easy meals that you want to share? Please do!