Easy Recipe: Curried Beech Mushroom Kale Salad


I LOVE salads. When done right, they’re delicious (crunchy and flavorful) and don’t leave me feeling like hell after a giant bowl. They can also be very healthy. I say that because many salads are the ultimate un-healthy meal. Pouring ranch (or any creamy dressing) over a bowl of lettuce is not exactly the greatest ‘health’ alternative.

After many years, I finally found my beloved mushroom (at Union Market). The Beech Mushroom is my favorite shroomy delight and I had to share this one! If you’re able to find it (farmers markets and other gourmet produce shops carry them). They tend to be on the pricey side, so buying them all the time isn’t exactly an option but they’re definitely worth a meal or two every now and then!

What you’ll need:

– red kale

– red tomatos

– cucumber

– raw pumpkin seeds

– fresh dill

– White Beech mushrooms

– olive oil

– yellow curry powder

***See last step for dressing ingredients***

In a giant mixing bowl:

* Red Kale (torn up into bite sized pieces)

* sliced red tomatoes (they’re best when off the vine)

* chopped fresh cucumber

* a big handful of raw pumpkin seeds

* fresh dill (don’t be stingy with this, the more the better — just chop it up)

[place this aside for a minute]

White Beech Mushrooms

* rinse

* separate from one another

* put a little bit of olive oil in a pan and place on high heat

* once pan is hot (keep an eye on this, make sure the oil doesn’t burn — it’ll start smoking) – throw the mushrooms in the pan (be careful, the oil will be hot and might splatter)

* quickly make sure all the mushrooms are equally covered with the oil and let them sear for a minute (making sure they don’t burn… you can turn down the heat as necessary, but make sure to keep it nice and hot to sear them)

* sprinkle the shrooms with yellow curry powder and mix (don’t be stingy with this)

* after maybe 2-3 minutes, turn the heat off and scoop the shrooms into the mixing bowl with everything else

Last Step

* dress it up (don’t be stingy with the spices)

– olive oil

– sea salt

– garlic salt

– garlic powder

– black pepper

– chives

– dried basil

– red cayenne pepper (put a little extra if you like a little heat)

* mix in everything evenly



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