Yoga History 101, Planned Parenthood & James Bond | Things I Learned This Week

Things I learned. (4)Another week — another lesson (or a million) learned. The first part of the week was spent in Belgrade, Serbia and after a 10 hour bus ride (which included a broken bus mid-way) I found myself in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Come Saturday September 15th — I’ll be in Lake Bled. So yeah. Three places — one week — it’s a miracle my head isn’t constantly spinning.

Here are the things I learned this week from books, articles, people etc.

I’m re-reading some literature I read — admittedly a bit too hastily during my yoga teacher trainings. One of which is a Yoga Philosophy & History text.

So while I had a good idea of the following prior to this week, it’s still a good idea to do some reviewing. And again, since I don’t have notebooks to hold on to at the moment, this blog is my notepad. Continue reading “Yoga History 101, Planned Parenthood & James Bond | Things I Learned This Week”

Why I meditate. And 3 Easy Ways For Anyone to Get Started.

I want to be unshakeable.

When the earth is crumbling around me, I want to stand still — serene in a moment of chaos. I want to garner enough inner peace to withstand even the most tumultuous emotional tornado. I want to withstand opposites with ease and steadiness.

This is what a consistent yoga practice gives us. This unreal super power of peace.

After years of debilitating anxiety and fear this appeals to me so much more than being able to stand on my hands… As difficult as it can be to challenge your physical body — there’s nothing harder (in my opinion) then to stay calm when fear comes knocking. To stay truly at peace (from the deepest corners of my inner being) when I’m being confronted with all sorts of nonsense. This isn’t the same thing as staying calm during stress*** I’m talking about peace in the deepest-purest sense of the word.

I’ve only met a few people in my life where their unwavering peace radiates from their being. Their solid foundation in the face of stress was palpable and inspiring.

Have you ever met anyone like this?

I think that of all the things that yoga gifts us with — this ability to be our own rock — is the most valuable. The thing that will help us most in our lives. All the other stuff is great (I never said I didn’t want to stand on my hands), but it’s the whipped cream on top of a giant ice cream scoop that often gets overlooked.Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 10.15.46 AM
This caption from one of my Instagram photos pretty much sums up why I meditate. Continue reading “Why I meditate. And 3 Easy Ways For Anyone to Get Started.”

Yoga Teacher Training Part I: An Update.

Maybe it’s the serious lack of sleep, the sunburn or the insanely delicious mango smoothie I’m currently devouring, but my heart feels mighty toasty. Like its been sunbathing the last two weeks and was just returned to my chest… Maybe it is the sunburn?

It’s so warm; I can literally feel it.  Continue reading “Yoga Teacher Training Part I: An Update.”