Yoga Teacher Training Part I: An Update.

Maybe it’s the serious lack of sleep, the sunburn or the insanely delicious mango smoothie I’m currently devouring, but my heart feels mighty toasty. Like its been sunbathing the last two weeks and was just returned to my chest… Maybe it is the sunburn?

It’s so warm; I can literally feel it. 

When I decided to get my yoga teacher training I didn’t really think toooo much of it. Felt like a good way to spend some time while traveling and something to help me dive deeper into a practice I’ve been developing for years. Yoga and meditation (what I used to considered separate from yoga) has helped me keep calm and tame my many beasts. I thought I had, at the very least, a good idea of what it was.

I had no clue.

I’m still struggling to wrap my mind around the whole system of yoga, its fascinating history and the role it will play in my life.

But also, I feel like I’ve been awakened to something really really amazing.

Also, being a student is SO much fun when all you have to do is study and not have work (I’m realizing school would have been a very different experience).

I feel drunk with potential. Drunk with love. But also really scared. Scared that my traveling lifestyle will somehow hinder my daily practice (as it had done at the beginning of my travels) and thus hindering my potential to teach.

My inner compass (a trusty little fella) is telling me this is all a good thing.

If someone happens to be reading this and is looking for an intensive 200 or 300 hour training, Sarva Rasa Yoga is pretty stellar. 29597464_10156211071403698_6710545384866328083_n

With that said… I’m leaving Thailand — for 2 whole days — for Kuala Lumpur. I’ll spend my time exploring the city, eating the hell out of some Malaysian food and maybe taking a cooking class! Then I’ll be back in Krabi chilling by the water and studying for my next yoga teacher training in 2 weeks. By mid-May I’ll have completed a 500 hour training. I’m going to finish 2 anatomy textbooks if it kills me. But also I hope it doesn’t because there’s like 5 other books to finish (and comprehend).

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