Koh Lanta: An Update.

Southern Thailand is a dream. A hot, sweaty, sandy dream. I’m pretty sure there’s a permanent layer of sand on my scalp and I’m totally ok with it.

I spent the first 5 nights in Krabi in a hostel that was literally a dream. There were puppies, an ocean view empty of tourist, a swing and puppies. So. Many. Puppies. 7f0e00d0-ae8f-4403-9afd-f88a0229be5cIMG_8569

I’m now in Koh Lanta where I’m busy prepping for two weeks of Yoga Teacher Training coming up next week. I’ve settled into a hostel that’s a 3 minute walk from the beach with clear blue water. I go every day in the morning and mid-day for a swim (which is always accompanied by tiny plankton (or microscopic jelly fish) that keep stinging me). With daily sunset yoga sessions. The rest of the day is spent reading yoga books and working on the Postable blog. I can get used to this. IMG_8688

Later today I’m training at the Muay Thai ring down the street and I’m BEYOND excited.

I’m staying busy, but I’m LOVING the constant stream of sun rays (holy moly is the sun screen expensive here though) and the routine I’ve built is quite nice.

A few experiences I’ve been quite fond of the last few days:

  • Getting ‘trapped’ (by the rain) in a tiny bar on the beach (Jam Bar) with full Bob Marley decor filled with Irish expats singing Because I Got High in perfect unison.
  • Leading a yoga session to some folks from my hostel with the sunsetting on the beach as our backdrop. This was a first for me — leading that many people I just met — and got me SOOOO excited to get my Teacher Training so I can do it like allll the time.
  • Waiting 45 minutes for the best Tom Yom in the crazy heat only to sweat through all my beach clothes while eating it. The soup and I had a moment. It was incredible. Side note: I’ve had this dish 4x now in different places and it ALWAYS tastes different (delish, but different). I’m wondering if perhaps I’m mispronouncing it each time and there’s a similar dish like it. I don’t know, but hot DAMN it’s so good.

A few things I miss:

  • ‘Healthy’ food. Obviously the term is relative since most of the foods I’m eating here is very good for me… but what I wouldn’t do for a kale salad.
  • Working out. I’ve been practicing yoga, but that’s not exercise. I miss hitting pads and sparring more than anything.
  • Feeling clean. It doesn’t matter how many showers I take, sand somehow still makes an appearance.

But also, I’m loving every single second. I have a hard time remembering what day of the week it is so life is fucking stellar.

I’ll have more free time to write when I get to Europe in May. For now, these little updates will have to do. I’m also updating frequently on Instagram. xox


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