Dear Ramen… A Love Letter.

It was a warm breezy early evening. I sat at a table for two near one of the large open ceiling to floor windows — feeling the wind slowly brush my hair back. I had just gone to the Budapest bath houses and felt like I was floating; despite a complete lack of sleep. Maybe this was all a dream after all? This place was mostly empty, but it was only 6pm so the dinner rush hadn’t yet begun. That’s when the waitress brought me a platter filled with small Japanese food plates. A little of everything. Curry, ramen, pickled veggies and some sort of salad with tiny bits of fried chicken.

I wasn’t expecting much.

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Camping in Bosnia & My Adorable Yellow Tent. And a Flat Tire.

With a dust and exhaust cocktail swirling up into my face, my feet skidded — one by one — as I tried to push our little white Heeheetka (aka Fiat) up the rock filled road. Unfortunately, the two of us slipping and sliding against the dirt road simply wasn’t enough to make any ground, but nevertheless I gave it all I had — resulting with my face head first into the ground. Yum.

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Koh Lanta: An Update.

Southern Thailand is a dream. A hot, sweaty, sandy dream. I’m pretty sure there’s a permanent layer of sand on my scalp and I’m totally ok with it.

I spent the first 5 nights in Krabi in a hostel that was literally a dream. There were puppies, an ocean view empty of tourist, a swing and puppies. So. Many. Puppies. 7f0e00d0-ae8f-4403-9afd-f88a0229be5c Continue reading “Koh Lanta: An Update.”

Week 3: Footwork, Stretching & Weight Gain

IMG_1798I feel like I live at the gym

Day 15. It’s week 3 and I’m not loving the layout of these blog posts. They’re boring. I think you get the point of how much activity I’m doing and how I’m eating so I’ll continue sharing my routine (mostly to stay accountable) down at the bottom of the post. I’d rather just write about the things that are going through my mind. A lot. First off, I can’t believe it’s already week 3. I feel like I’ve made progress sure, but I have SO much more progress to make before I’m ready to get in a ring. You know? It’s terrifying. In the best way possible.IMG_1451 Continue reading “Week 3: Footwork, Stretching & Weight Gain”

My First Fight | The Countdown Begins

IMG_1088Ok ok… I’m getting a little dramatic with the title, I know. But c’mon! I’m going to fight someone. Like in a ring and everything. I am so excited to zone out (but totally stay zoned in because that would be bad) and pretend I’m battling some rogue Russian spy in an epic episode of Alias. Continue reading “My First Fight | The Countdown Begins”


I don’t want a partial dream come true. I want it all. Call me greedy. Or naive. Or a lunatic optimist. I’ll never be fully happy without getting everything that I want or be in some form or process of getting there. It’s not the destination, I’m aware, but sometimes having a small piece of the puzzle completed is a nice touch to a partially abysmal reality.