My First Fight | The Countdown Begins

IMG_1088Ok ok… I’m getting a little dramatic with the title, I know. But c’mon! I’m going to fight someone. Like in a ring and everything. I am so excited to zone out (but totally stay zoned in because that would be bad) and pretend I’m battling some rogue Russian spy in an epic episode of Alias. Continue reading “My First Fight | The Countdown Begins”


I don’t want a partial dream come true. I want it all. Call me greedy. Or naive. Or a lunatic optimist. I’ll never be fully happy without getting everything that I want or be in some form or process of getting there. It’s not the destination, I’m aware, but sometimes having a small piece of the puzzle completed is a nice touch to a partially abysmal reality.

Fashion through my ages…

I took another trip down memory lane by browsing old looks from end of high school and through college… The things I wore were really quite amusing.

late teensMy go to accessories in my late teens: Face paint, head band, and a tambourine. Continue reading “Fashion through my ages…”


This week I’ve decided I’m going to go with a theme for my Etsy picks… Can you guess this week’s?

PUG SweaterBecause who doesn’t love a good pug? From Feral Youth NYC.


Giraffe. On a Bicycle? Yes. Please. From Fuzzy Ink.


I would like this painted this on a giant canvas and hang it in my living room. This Deer Print from Loopy Lolly.

cat budha

Because who doesn’t want a Cat Buddha? From West Wind Home Garden.

striped cat


If I were to ever wear a brooch, this Cat Brooch would be it. From Dina Biju Shop.



I want this monkey laptop cover like yesterday. From Mimo Cadeaux

bow tie


Something tells me, this bow tie will be making an appearance in my upcoming spring attire! From Bartek Design.



Because it’s a lion on a bicycle on a pillow. From ColorfulZ.

Whats your favorite?

10 Worthy Links

1. This creepy-licious photography book from the 1800s that I found on Boing Boing.

2. Speaking of old stuff… New York’s first motorized snowplow?

3. A lady with a funky style… I can only read her hello and ‘See U’, but the pictures are fun to look at.

4. I want to have a Glam Day Dinner Party!!! So cute!

5. I know I stopped following the news (not exactly a proud moment, but a necessary one)… but are people REALLY still saying stupid shit like this? I truly don’t understand. We moved on from this back in the 70s, get with the times.

6. OoO Dolphins!!

7. Personally, I like to curate my own gift baskets and combos, but this is a pretty cool idea for manly gifts!

8. Um. Siracho Mayo. WHAT?!

9. In LOVE with these old NYC subway photos.

10. I’d hate to end on a negative note, but this just sucks. What monster would want to get rid of this amazing Cheese store!!??


Week 14: The 13th Week and the Week-end.

I know I skipped Week 13. I worked through pretty much the entire week and spent my weekend recuperating. I did happen to write for one day.

 8.14: After my 7th consecutive work day I was feeling pretty worn out (understatement). My brain felt numb and all I wanted for the past couple of days were some tacos. I went to Tacombi in Nollita (?) for some takeout. I could munch on the freshly made corn tortilla alone and be a happy camper. Those tacos hit the spot justttt right.

A favorite band of mine that I came across a couple months on Youtube called Too Many Zoos were planning to shoot their first music video paired up with Moon Hooch in Washington Square Park tonight. These guys are really groovy. They play in the Union Sq. Subway station and are always drawing a crowd. Here is one of their youtube videos

Tonight’s dance party under the Arch was exactly what I needed. I let go. And even though I enjoyed a lovely coughing fit for about 2 hours following said dance party, it was worth it.

Once they finish the music video I’ll be sure to share :] After the dance party under the arch I realized just how tired I was. I couldn’t do much except for sitting; so I took a breather on the bench. As always, Washington Square didn’t fail to entertain. This is what I saw tonight:

An animal balloon artist who looks more like your typical college frat boy with his flow-y surfer-like hair and basketball jersey showing off his latest trip to the gym; creating your favorite animals with the same enthusiasm a balloon artist ought to possess.

A young [rather scrawny] couple loosing themselves in one another as they dance the dance of what I would guess is their first kiss.

The middle aged gentleman enjoying his book by the shimmering glare from the light post nearby.

The couple of teenage kids skateboarding around the fountain. Their hands on the board, feet in the sky, and their heart in the ride.

The Turkish (?) couple sitting beside me studying their NYC subway map in confusion. [They had it sideways, but perhaps that was on purpose.]

The tourists walking through, most of who will never truly understand what gem they are strolling past simply snapping a few photos and moving onto Time Square. As if a still of this extraordinary land could ever illustrate the magic.

If the perfect evening existed. This was it. 

Week 14 

My work week has changed so now I have Saturdays & Sundays off [yay!]. Tuesday night I played my first Trivia in the city. We went to Poco for their Orange is the New Black night and we tied for 2nd to last place. I clearly don’t remember much about the show.

8.24: It’s 11.36pm on Sunday and I’ve had a wonderful weekend. Much of which was packed with live music and spending time with friends wondering the beauties of the city. I may potentially have found a new home… more on this once it is official. The lack of entries does not directly correlate with a lack of on-goings. I’m simply so in love with the idea of a weekend that once the time actually rolls around I’m immediately off enjoying the day away.

DSC_5042 DSC_5044 DSC_5048

Today was just like any other Sunday… a trip to Russ & Daughters followed by several hours of classical music in the park. I also walked around a bit outside of my normal bench-in-front-of-piano to seek out other musical on-goings. If I ever figure out how to edit videos, I’ll post one here :]


I’ve mentioned Washington Square park many times and I will continue to do so, simply because it is the gem of all gems. Life is really happening here and I absolutely love watching it all bloom.


Hope your weekend was awesome.