My First Fight | The Countdown Begins

IMG_1088Ok ok… I’m getting a little dramatic with the title, I know. But c’mon! I’m going to fight someone. Like in a ring and everything. I am so excited to zone out (but totally stay zoned in because that would be bad) and pretend I’m battling some rogue Russian spy in an epic episode of Alias.

badass fighter

Anyway. In preparation for my first fight I’ve been chosen to participate in Greatist’s 1st season of Greatist You. It’s kind of like a social media game show of sorts. Anyway, if I reach my goal (to be fight competition ready) I win $ AND if I’m the Fan Favorite I win more $. I’m spending about a fortune on this so I’m excited for the monetary help.

I’ll be posting all of my progress (everyday) on Instagram & snap chat at @greatistregina so follow along for more frequent updates (and awesome pictures).  I’m also going to keep a weekly journal on here with what I’ve been doing, how I’m feeling… and all that yappy stuff. Feel free to follow along.

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