A Day in a Bucharest Park

A lone green apple sits on a dark brown bench — empty of sitters. A blue paddle boat in a wide green puddle [lake] slowly rocks back and forth as children switch seats — one side slightly more emerged in the water making me wonder if the boat will inevitably sink. Children’s laughter. Police sirens. Wind lightly brushing against the leaves encouraging their decent from the tree tops. A pigeon crows. Do pigeons crow? Continue reading “A Day in a Bucharest Park”

Dear Ramen… A Love Letter.

It was a warm breezy early evening. I sat at a table for two near one of the large open ceiling to floor windows — feeling the wind slowly brush my hair back. I had just gone to the Budapest bath houses and felt like I was floating; despite a complete lack of sleep. Maybe this was all a dream after all? This place was mostly empty, but it was only 6pm so the dinner rush hadn’t yet begun. That’s when the waitress brought me a platter filled with small Japanese food plates. A little of everything. Curry, ramen, pickled veggies and some sort of salad with tiny bits of fried chicken.

I wasn’t expecting much.

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Camping in Bosnia & My Adorable Yellow Tent. And a Flat Tire.

With a dust and exhaust cocktail swirling up into my face, my feet skidded — one by one — as I tried to push our little white Heeheetka (aka Fiat) up the rock filled road. Unfortunately, the two of us slipping and sliding against the dirt road simply wasn’t enough to make any ground, but nevertheless I gave it all I had — resulting with my face head first into the ground. Yum.

But that was on our way out the next day. Continue reading “Camping in Bosnia & My Adorable Yellow Tent. And a Flat Tire.”

On Being Uncomfortable. And a Bosnian Traffic Jam.

Everyone knows the value of getting out of the comfort zone, right? There’s no growth in comfort, right? Well, I am totally on board with this idea. I think comfort and contentment is the antithesis of progress. There’s something to be said about being content with who you are and what you have at this very moment, but at the same time placing a value on growth.

I have many goals in life, but if I had to choose just one: never stop growing.


Ever. Ever.

It’s kind of a big deal to me. If I’m the same exact person I was the week prior, I’m not living the way I’d like.

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10 Things Nobody Told Me About Traveling The World

Admittedly I didn’t really do that much research before hitting the road. So there’s no doubt a million articles and posts and books about all the things to expect from traveling the world. I didn’t read them though. All I knew was I wanted to go out and travel the world.

And here I am. Doing it up. Currently in Bosnia — where we’ve ended our Balkan road trip (more on this soon). Our little white Heeheetka (Fiat) really went through some turbulent times (literally and figuratively) as we made our way from Tirana, Albania — > Sarande, Albania –> more Albania –> Montenegro –> Mostar, Bosnia — > camping near Kravica Waterfalls –> Sarajevo.

There’s so much to say about this part of my trip. And I think I’ve finally figured out a way to make consistently writing on this blog a thing… So keep your eyes peeled. Continue reading “10 Things Nobody Told Me About Traveling The World”

7 Things I’ve Learned From 5 Months of Travel

I’m currently sitting in a sweaty basement filled with British bros playing a soccer video game waiting for my laundry that I’ve been trying to do all day (there’s one washing machine for the entire hostel that probably houses some 50 ish people (or more)). And I lost my headphones.

I’ve had better days.

But also, if this is as bad as it gets — I’m ok with that. Continue reading “7 Things I’ve Learned From 5 Months of Travel”

I talk to myself.

My thoughts from tonight’s dinner as scribbled down on the notes in my phone. No edits. (Picture has nothing to do with the words)Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.48.26 PM.png

Where am I?

Brittney Spears’ greatest hits are on full blast, I haven’t heard a single non-Russian all day with the exception of the Thais working various establishments, the ‘night market’ is priced wildly higher than any other I’ve been to, advertisements for “supercheap” (and yes, they do look super cheap) lingerie is surrounding me on all sides, I’m sweating bullets as I devour said over priced (albeit yummy) night market find while watching someone get the dry skin on their feet eaten by tiny fish across the tables — topped with Changs and various styrofoam containers getting attacked by obnoxious flies (damn those things are EVERYWHERE). Continue reading “I talk to myself.”

Yoga Teacher Training Part I: An Update.

Maybe it’s the serious lack of sleep, the sunburn or the insanely delicious mango smoothie I’m currently devouring, but my heart feels mighty toasty. Like its been sunbathing the last two weeks and was just returned to my chest… Maybe it is the sunburn?

It’s so warm; I can literally feel it.  Continue reading “Yoga Teacher Training Part I: An Update.”

Koh Lanta: An Update.

Southern Thailand is a dream. A hot, sweaty, sandy dream. I’m pretty sure there’s a permanent layer of sand on my scalp and I’m totally ok with it.

I spent the first 5 nights in Krabi in a hostel that was literally a dream. There were puppies, an ocean view empty of tourist, a swing and puppies. So. Many. Puppies. 7f0e00d0-ae8f-4403-9afd-f88a0229be5c Continue reading “Koh Lanta: An Update.”

Please, Nobody Pinch Me.

Life is a dream.

Not necessarily in the way you might think, however.

These last few weeks I’ve been living in a state of shock that have made my experiences thus far feel as though I’m dreaming. Moving from moment to moment barely recognizing that I am in fact living in a reality — one that I’m having a hard time grasping.

I was working from a coffee shop just below the hostel I’m staying yesterday morning and a wave of gratitude the size of Mount Everest swallowed me. I’m writing from an adorable coffee shop in the middle of Taipei. Please, nobody pinch me — I don’t want to wake up! Continue reading “Please, Nobody Pinch Me.”