A Day in a Bucharest Park

A lone green apple sits on a dark brown bench — empty of sitters. A blue paddle boat in a wide green puddle [lake] slowly rocks back and forth as children switch seats — one side slightly more emerged in the water making me wonder if the boat will inevitably sink. Children’s laughter. Police sirens. Wind lightly brushing against the leaves encouraging their decent from the tree tops. A pigeon crows. Do pigeons crow? The long shadowed boulevard completely bordered by a tree canopy reminds me of central park only without the magic. A scruffy gray dog strolls among the frayed grass– leash dragging behind. People chatting amongst themselves — thoroughly enjoying the glorious weather. Brown leaves crunch satisfyingly beneath my bright blue Nike’s — I washed them in Sofia so they’re not as grungy as they used to be. Cigarette smoke meshes with the wind. A child cries in objection. The puzzler: a blue team-less baseball cap, a graying beard and beige socks — his head bowed down as he focuses on the newspaper crossword puzzle. The sun makes an infrequent appearance — squeezing itself, demanding to be seen through the tree leaves above. A white gown seems even more effervescent amongst the dreary setting. She holds her veil with ease, posing effortlessly for her photographer. I like her wedding colors — deep lavender and forest green. Immediately it’s like I’m at work … I haven’t worked weddings in almost four years now. Wow. Time flies. A table filled with tiny furry robo-dogs with tiny sparkly hats… they chirp — or bark — every few seconds. Like mechanical beanie babies only less fluffy and more scrawny. There’s honey and leggings and chocolate and earrings and a giant (like really really big) heap of pecans and a large green bucket of what I can only assume is red wine — sitting on the ground– and baskets of lavender (the smell is unmistakable) and silver and scarves and cookies the size of my head in various shapes… passing the bride now I can see she’s the definition of stunning… and lollipops in various colors and stones and strange felt T-shirts with 3D embellishments and traditional Romanian shirts. There’s an outdoor cafe with a few bottles of Moët on display — I wonder if they have mimosas. A tiny purple velvet dress on a tiny blonde girl. She’s playing near the water, grandpa on her left little hand. Her curious expression seems to give her away as she peers into the reflective muck — “What’s in there, I wonder” — grandma comes back with a sweet treat. There’s nothing special about this place. Just ordinary people going about their ordinary Saturday. I think that’s what makes this so interesting for me. More interesting than going to a monument or walking along a massive boulevard. This is life … i see ice-cream.

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