Heat. Goals. Snap Chat.

IMG_1126This weekend weather has been relentlessly dull. Grey clouds, constant drizzle, and oh so hot. I dragged my sweaty ass out of the apartment, nonetheless and enjoyed myself (gasp). The subway stations in the summer time are arguably the most uncomfortable place in the city. It feels like you’re in a sauna, only the lovely smelling oils are replaced with piss and garbage. Going down into that sewage heat cellar after the gym is by far the worst. All I can think is why nobody around me is sweating. What the fuck kind of pores are these people sporting? I mean, I’m drenched in sweat trying not to touch anything and begging the universe to make my train appear like 5 minutes ago and the people next to me are just chilling on their phones. No sweat. Not even one drop. I don’t get it. It’s not just hot, it’s steaming. By the time I get onto the train I’m one sweat drop away from looking like I just stepped out of the shower. 

Oh the sweaty sweaty summer in New York City. How I love thee. I do. Really. Just not after the gym. Or in Chinatown… That part of town has officially reached a whole new level of stink.

Remember that contest I blogged about last week? You probably didn’t go like the video like I had asked, but that’s cool… You’ve got bigger and better things to do with your time. I understand. Here’s the video if you’d like to take a gander anyway:

I actually set this goal for myself personally a while ago. Whether or not I think I can actually achieve it is still up in the air. That’s the whole point of a challenge… it should be challenging. Right?

I find out if I’m chosen to participate in this challenge this week. Regardless, I’ll still be training my ass off for the next 6 weeks to try to reach this goal. However, if I am to participate in the social media experiment I’ll also be posting about it on Snap Chat (in addition to Instagram). I haven’t used it until now…IMG_1091

I’m also going to blog about the whole thing… assuming I make time for it, but more on that later.

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