Heat. Goals. Snap Chat.

IMG_1126This weekend weather has been relentlessly dull. Grey clouds, constant drizzle, and oh so hot. I dragged my sweaty ass out of the apartment, nonetheless and enjoyed myself (gasp). The subway stations in the summer time are arguably the most uncomfortable place in the city. It feels like you’re in a sauna, only the lovely smelling oils are replaced with piss and garbage. Going down into that sewage heat cellar after the gym is by far the worst. All I can think is why nobody around me is sweating. What the fuck kind of pores are these people sporting? I mean, I’m drenched in sweat trying not to touch anything and begging the universe to make my train appear like 5 minutes ago and the people next to me are just chilling on their phones. No sweat. Not even one drop. I don’t get it. It’s not just hot, it’s steaming. By the time I get onto the train I’m one sweat drop away from looking like I just stepped out of the shower.  Continue reading “Heat. Goals. Snap Chat.”

Alas, we meet again.


Ok, so I needed a break. Sue me. It took me 13 blogs before I created one that actually stuck; for over a year! Alas, I grew tired of writing about the same old drudgery that became my life in NYC. With the Honeymoon phase over, I needed a real break from constantly admiring my surroundings and give myself time to really hate this place. You know, like a real New Yorker. Not that, by any means, do I consider myself one. Continue reading “Alas, we meet again.”

Guest POst: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, ADVENTURE’S HAPPENING (Bring what you are willing to part with)


Your traveling pack is your only truly inseparable companion on the road. Be morally and emotionally prepared, nevertheless, that it too can uncouple from you. Airports, for example, are notorious for losing bags, so carry essentials ‘on’ you. Theft, especially in crime-stricken areas and high-flow hostels, is not to be underestimated. When adventure calls, water and forest obstacles can also cause severe damage to your luggage, sometimes beyond repair. Sometimes, even the smallest dysfunctions in your luggage can be an extreme inconvenience, which will either force you to halt the adventure or abandon the baggage.

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GUEST POST: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, ADVENTURE’S HAPPENING (Bring no more than want to carry)



It is easy to over-pack; it can be overwhelming to grab everything you deem essential. The fine line between bringing too many (unnecessary) items and omitting to bring certain essentials is a personal decision. You can always re-up or lessen on supplies, buying or shedding articles along the way. It is optimal, however, to bring the bare minimum of what you’ll need – no more no less. Continue reading “GUEST POST: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, ADVENTURE’S HAPPENING (Bring no more than want to carry)”

My Daily Commute on the NYC Subway: The Investigators.

subway_selfieI’m on the B train on my morning commute to work, it’s somewhere around 9:45am. Normally, I don’t like to sit on the ride to and from work seeing as how I’ll either have the whole day to sit at a desk or I’ve come from a long day of sitting, but this time was different. For the first time in a while, my morning commute involved a crowded train (not having to commute during rush hour is a saving grace). I’m not complaining, piling into a packed train has it’s perks — I often feel a tiny thrill while shuffling into the train with playback flashes of NYC movies romanticizing the shoving and jamming of people into tiny spaces (it pays to be small in this city). On this particular day, the train wasn’t spectacularly packed or anything, but enough folks kept bumping into me that I snagged the first seat I could find . [On a side note, if you’re in NYC please check around before grabbing that sought after seat in case someone else may actually need it first. Yes, I do this. Always.] Continue reading “My Daily Commute on the NYC Subway: The Investigators.”




It is uber-helpful to remember the exact positioning of each item in your luggage, to save vital time in drenching moments. It is an even more important, complimentary wont, to know the exact contents of the bag. This is crucial, for fast packing/unpacking, for example, not to leave things accidentally in hostels. If the habit of keeping track of possessions is not developed, it is also quite easy to bring prohibited items in the carry-on into the airport.

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Guest POst: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, ADVENTURE’S HAPPENING (Bring the saving grace)



Boy Scouts’ slogan got it right!  With a small adjustment: be prepared for the unknown. What do you need to bring on the trip? Really, there are only two musts: make sure your brain is working and positive attitude is turned on. All else is for extra comfort, since you will likely be roughing it without a bagful of personal belongings. Careful packing is a crucial way to anticipate and smoothly overcome possible hurdles on a badass journey. Play the trip out to yourself over and over again, visualizing the euphoria and the challenges. Think of the material necessities that should accompany those abstracts. This way, you will mitigate the stress of the unknown.

There is no ultimate way to prepare for what’s coming on the adventurous path — that’s the point.  It is possible, however, to make arrangements for imaginable encounters. Everyone has different wants, preferences, and pet peeves about what to bring on a trip and what to omit. Consider those nuanced details! If you thoughtfully prepare according to your likings, luck will likely follow; even if some object will be missing. Continue reading “Guest POst: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, ADVENTURE’S HAPPENING (Bring the saving grace)”