Guest POst: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, ADVENTURE’S HAPPENING (Bring the saving grace)



Boy Scouts’ slogan got it right!  With a small adjustment: be prepared for the unknown. What do you need to bring on the trip? Really, there are only two musts: make sure your brain is working and positive attitude is turned on. All else is for extra comfort, since you will likely be roughing it without a bagful of personal belongings. Careful packing is a crucial way to anticipate and smoothly overcome possible hurdles on a badass journey. Play the trip out to yourself over and over again, visualizing the euphoria and the challenges. Think of the material necessities that should accompany those abstracts. This way, you will mitigate the stress of the unknown.

There is no ultimate way to prepare for what’s coming on the adventurous path — that’s the point.  It is possible, however, to make arrangements for imaginable encounters. Everyone has different wants, preferences, and pet peeves about what to bring on a trip and what to omit. Consider those nuanced details! If you thoughtfully prepare according to your likings, luck will likely follow; even if some object will be missing. Continue reading “Guest POst: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, ADVENTURE’S HAPPENING (Bring the saving grace)”