Alas, we meet again.


Ok, so I needed a break. Sue me. It took me 13 blogs before I created one that actually stuck; for over a year! Alas, I grew tired of writing about the same old drudgery that became my life in NYC. With the Honeymoon phase over, I needed a real break from constantly admiring my surroundings and give myself time to really hate this place. You know, like a real New Yorker. Not that, by any means, do I consider myself one.

What I’m trying to say is this. Living in New York, at first, was magical. The sidewalks were magical. The subway was magical. The people were magical. Everything was effing magical. Unfortunately this wore off and I was nudging away my true feelings of hatred with what I thought I should have been feeling – magic. I’m not a magician, after all. So, I dove right in. Hating every stinking street corner and bus stop, the disgusting scent of freshly spewed urine under the soles of my favorite shoes, the sun’s lack of appearance except for the ocassional peek-a-boo, and of course the constant struggle for some alone time.

This all sounds quite depressing, I know. It isn’t all so bad. Allowing myself the ability to experience my true feelings, I’m now seeing just how much I actually love this place. Oh, the irony.

I think I’ll continue writing about my weeks in the upcoming posts in the same format as when I began writing about my move to NYC. Feel free to follow along. Or don’t. Whatever. Winter is coming and I’m about to loose my mind so that should be fun. Just saying.

Adios! For now.

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