Well, Hot Damn. It’s End of July.

IMG_8194I feel like this blog is some sort of hobby from a past life. I haven’t even thought about it since the last entry. How sad. I was already to go and start a whole new project: a book. That is until I realized I had too many other things on my plate at the moment. Writing a weekly entry in a blog takes time, but outlining/composing/editing an entire book is whole new ball game. One which I definitely plan to play, just not at the moment.

Before I get off topic. Go to this video on Instagram– and ‘like’ it. Even if you don’t actually like it. K? Thanks!!

Right now, my focus is on a new -sort of- endeavor. Muay Thai. With the exception of a few days of distractions, I spend my mornings and evenings training. This leaves few hours for much else. Of course that’s not all I do, but I think you get my point.

I have no intention of turning this into a fitness blog… But I’ve thought about what this blog is supposed to be and it’s really quite simple. It’s just a compilation of my thoughts. Right now, my thoughts are disproportionately concentrated on training. Anyway, I’ve designated my Sunday mornings to writing. It’s been too long.

IMG_8860Let’s chat NYC. Ever since I started training in Muay Thai I’ve felt girly-er than ever. Whatever that means. I love having tiny pink toe-nails and getting dolled up for a little night on the town (by which I mean the most glorious city there ever was). There’s obviously no point in re-capping my year thus far… but here’s a little snippet in no particular order.

IMG_8456I went camping (for the first time ever). Weird, I know. I always knew camping is my favorite thing in the whole wide world and I hadn’t even done it. It was absolutely perfect in every which way possible. It definitely helped that the trip was taken with 3 of my absolute favorite people. IMG_8304Brian taught me to start a fire. I feel like I can survive anything. Apocalypse? Bring it. I can start my own fire. IMG_8356

IMG_8743I finally went on a boat party. An open bar and an open sky… What more could you possibly want? The Manhattan skyline is glorious.

IMG_7626I turned 26. The weekend was full of insanely delicious food (I even taught some friends how to make dumplings… which by the way are still frozen in my freezer).

IMG_7403I went on a cruise with my family and my mom came to visit me in New York City.

IMG_8025This is what May looks like in the city. The weather here is still shit. IMG_7334Speaking of weather… there was that blizzard. No clue what month this was in, but I do remember staying home and drinking hot toddies with good company.

IMG_8374Oh and that camping trip was the same weekend I finally convinced my favorite people to join me in doing a Tough Mudder. They were super hesitant at first, but they totally loved it. I knew they would.

2016 has shown me quite a delightful time thus far. I’ll leave you with this music video I can’t stop watching.

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