Fashion through my ages…

I took another trip down memory lane by browsing old looks from end of high school and through college… The things I wore were really quite amusing.

late teensMy go to accessories in my late teens: Face paint, head band, and a tambourine.

early college 7Lake clean ups and my beloved bright pink leggings… with black socks…. and my all time favorite head scarf.

early20s12It’s quite hard to see in this photo, but the yellow bow-tie of my early 20s didn’t get taken out of my rotation until the bright yellow was covered by a permanent layer of filth.

early 20s9The tie-dye shirt I made in 10th grade… I still wear this shirt, but keep it to my dwellings. (I’m actually wearing it as I type this) The color has kept up surprising well, but there are one too many holes to be worn outdoors. early20s5Ah, the costumes and cowboy boots. I got lucky at a thrift shop in Austin and bought epic leather cowboy boots that would accompany a-many costumes like this one that I wore to Wendelfest in 2010. [Also, there’s that yellow bow-tie in full view. Pre-Filth days.]

late teens2Speaking of costumes… No, it was not halloween. Yes, I did go out in public. early 20sThis sweatshirt is still my favorite piece of clothing I own. Sadly the colors have faded and a few holes have appeared after years of washings.

early 20s14Pillow fights and that giant Flamenco skirt.

21st bdayTutus and those hippy tights went well with my handmade birthday feather tiara.

early 20s15Pink  hair was all the rage.

early college 5I wore red jumpsuits before it was trendy. #hipsterlife

early college4Because why wouldn’t I wear jean shorts over long johns with leather oxfords?

early collegre5Ah, this sweatshirt deserves another shout-out. ❤ Yes, I wore gloves in Florida… it must have been like 50F!!!

goggles2A list of my personal fashion stages would be amiss without the mention of the yellow goggles. I wore them with everything.

gogglesBecause they made everything look bright and yellow.

goggles3And happy.

I’ve grown up and so has my taste in accessories. And clothing. But I’m not holding my breath.


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