A Comparison: Life In NYC vs. Orlando

I spent last week soaking up sunshine, reminiscing on good ol’ times, and remembering how much I miss Orlando. Weird. I know. Never in a million years did I think I  would miss O-town, but low and behold I do. Very much. The sunshine. The people. And the the overall warmth I feel being here. I also spent a great deal of time thinking of things that NYC hasn’t lived up to, making it very hard to get excited about going back.



I prefer to enjoy my life and so a change in perspective is in order. I love NYC. Let’s be honest… if you’ve read most or many of my posts I believe that’s pretty obvious. So in this post I’m going to list some of my favorite – and not so favorite – parts about NYC. The things that make it unique compared to my O-town home.



1. The people.

Every shape, color, size, attitude, and complexion. When I first moved, people watching was one of my favorite activities. Still is. Orlando’s diversity isn’t completely lackluster, but compared to NYC there’s no comparison whatsoever. I’ve started to take for granted the extreme diversity that is constantly surrounding me and that’s gotta change.

2. Cold.

No, not the temperature. NYC is definitely one of many cities that experience cold winter temperatures and is not even remotely close to being the worst. What makes NYC uniquely cold is the overall aura. NYC has a reputation for having ‘mean’ folks… I don’t agree. However, people tend to be very cold. Stuck in the vacuum of their over-stimulating lives. Stuck in their phones. Their agendas. Their obsessions. I can’t compare to any other place other than Orlando, but people here sway to the unfriendly side as a whole. This isn’t an absolute, of course… just an overarching theme.

3. Interesting occupations.

Attending social events, I’m always meeting folks that work in the most interesting environments… Money laundering fraud, Chanel wall art management and design, Vanity Fair editorial, Art directors of mammoth magazines, Broadway techs, flight attendants, beer bloggers, national dance competition MCs and the list goes on. Those are just a few occupations I recall getting to chat about and it’s always an ongoing theme. Social gatherings in Orlando, in my experience, never garnered such untraditional and interesting jobs.

4. Daily conversation.

Food and new interesting spots to eat is definitely a daily topic.  Definitely unique from Orlando. Sure, that new Thai spot might be mentioned here or there during conversation in Orlando, but nothing to the daily examination of the latest trends in the city. Not good not bad, just an interesting observation.

drinks_in_nycDrinks at the Campbell Apartments… pretty neato!

weird_foodSpeaking of interesting food… this was an anchovy on top of a sweetened apricot, fresh sweet soft cheese, and some brown sauce. Definitely the weirdest combination I’ve ever had. 

5. Speaking of food…

Definitely the culinary capital of the world for a reason. So much unbelievable food. Any type of food you could ever want… NYC has it. In every shape, size, and color. It’s amazing and stifling all at once. I spend way too much money on eating out, but at the same time don’t even scratch the surface of the standard of most New Yorkers who use their kitchen as storage units.

weird_food2This was sea urchin pate on a tiny pie crust topped with some creamy sauce, octopus, & banana pepper. 

6. Comfort.

There is none. Sure, Orlando is hot… but you’re in the AC 95% of the time (unless you’re in your bathing suit which is fun fun fun). In NYC I’m either sweating from the air-less subway stations during the summer or from the igloo of fur I build for myself during the winter. The winter also brings the added bonus of forehead freezer burns… without the freezer.

7. Culture.

So much art. Everywhere. Being able to walk through the Met on a weekly basis is truly one of the most incredible parts of living in NYC. I am overwhelmed with joy every time I sit on the bench and spend time with Renoir. And Monet. And Degas. ❤


whitney_museumThe view from the new Whitney. 

8. Life.

As a whole, living in NYC is about as opposite as possible from living in Orlando. NYC life (not my own specifically) requires a fast paced, gotta do everything – see everyone type of feel. Orlando life is about 100% more laid back. I don’t remember ever having to schedule to see my friends. Most folks don’t need an agenda to keep up with their social lives or see family in Orlando. I’ve kept my life pretty low-key in NYC and I like it that way, but this concept is foreign here. I prefer a life with spontaneity and when your life lives in an agenda, there is no room for such nonsense.

west_villageIn the West Village


9. History.

In the pool of books I’m currently reading is The Streetwise History of NYC, a book I picked up at the MET gift shop. I love American history, but didn’t know much about New York City’s unique past until now. Every street corner of this city has an epic story. The layout and function of the city makes so much sense after understanding the development it underwent way back when. As far as I’m aware, Orlando’s history is just not quite as riveting.

10. Nature.

Central Park is epic. Prospect Park is beautiful. But to be perfectly honest it just doesn’t cut it sometimes. I am constantly craving a body of water I can play in that isn’t full of chemicals that may very well burn the top layer of my skin. As enticing as paddle boarding on the East River sounds, I’m not exactly thrilled at the prospect of falling into that water. ew. Kayaking in the springs was a joy. I truly miss it a great deal.



It’s good to be back and always a pleasure to visit. ❤

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