10 Worthy Links

1. This creepy-licious photography book from the 1800s that I found on Boing Boing.

2. Speaking of old stuff… New York’s first motorized snowplow?

3. A lady with a funky style… I can only read her hello and ‘See U’, but the pictures are fun to look at.

4. I want to have a Glam Day Dinner Party!!! So cute!

5. I know I stopped following the news (not exactly a proud moment, but a necessary one)… but are people REALLY still saying stupid shit like this? I truly don’t understand. We moved on from this back in the 70s, get with the times.

6. OoO Dolphins!!

7. Personally, I like to curate my own gift baskets and combos, but this is a pretty cool idea for manly gifts!

8. Um. Siracho Mayo. WHAT?!

9. In LOVE with these old NYC subway photos.

10. I’d hate to end on a negative note, but this just sucks. What monster would want to get rid of this amazing Cheese store!!??


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