This week I’ve decided I’m going to go with a theme for my Etsy picks… Can you guess this week’s?

PUG SweaterBecause who doesn’t love a good pug? From Feral Youth NYC.


Giraffe. On a Bicycle? Yes. Please. From Fuzzy Ink.


I would like this painted this on a giant canvas and hang it in my living room. This Deer Print from Loopy Lolly.

cat budha

Because who doesn’t want a Cat Buddha? From West Wind Home Garden.

striped cat


If I were to ever wear a brooch, this Cat Brooch would be it. From Dina Biju Shop.



I want this monkey laptop cover like yesterday. From Mimo Cadeaux

bow tie


Something tells me, this bow tie will be making an appearance in my upcoming spring attire! From Bartek Design.



Because it’s a lion on a bicycle on a pillow. From ColorfulZ.

Whats your favorite?

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