Hello, my name is Regina.

And I am a lady who loves all things funky.

Get to know about me and my funky adventures here.

I graduated college, stuffed (Tetris style) all of my belongings into a suitcase, & flew to NYC. I had no idea what to expect, seeing as how I had no job or place to live, but the universe had some seriously awesome opportunities. I hustled and created the life of my dreams — including a beautiful old brownstone apartment. You can checkout my first years’ adventures in NYC here.

Three and half years later, I decided it was time to chase a new dream — travel around the world for a year. So, with a bittersweet end I said my goodbyes and am currently traversing our beautiful little planet. I started in Taiwan then made my way to Thailand. I’m currently in Europe (but not for too much longer). When you read this (yes, you) I’ll probably already be back in Thailand (November 2018), but not before I hit up Nepal (October 2018).

After this adventure? Who knows? World domination probably.

If you’re visiting, I’d love to hear from you ; leave a comment or Holla at me 

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