I came. I saw. I conquered. What’s Next?

Who knows?

Me. Sort of.

I’ve got 4 months (less than that now) left in NYC. I’m flying home to Orlando on Christmas (better remember to buy that ticket soon) leaving my life in NYC behind. For now. 

I knew this day would come, but I definitely did not see it coming like this. Four years ago I would have said that I’d likely be heading out of NYC involuntarily because of a failed (yet spirited) attempt at making my dream life come true. I had no idea I’d build a life I couldn’t even begin to dream of and I’d be leaving it on my own accord (did I use that phrase correctly?).

Come February 10th 2018 I’ll be on a 16 hour flight across the globe. My destination: Taipei, Taiwan. My first stop in a year long solo journey around Southeast Asia. Well, first I’m meeting my brother for a week or two and then I’ll be solo.

I’m not doing anything all that remarkable. Nothing thousands of others haven’t done before (and are currently doing right now). I am however, following the path I want for myself. A path I’ve dreamed up over the course of the last 2 years and one I honestly didn’t think I could make into a reality. But alas… here I am telling an un-existent reader that I am indeed about to go travel Southeast Asia by myself. For a year. 365 days.

I told my perfect job I was leaving. I made arrangements for my room in my dreamy apartment to be taken over. I’ve saved every penny. Sort of. I’ve started to think about how much crap I’ve accumulated since moving to NYC with just a suitcase. And come Christmas, I’ll be leaving the city altogether.

Am I sad? Of course.

Am I scared? Ummm terrified.

Am I prepared? Not in the least.

Am I sure this is what I want? Undoubtedly.

I’ve left this ole’ blog all alone for long enough. Here’s yet another attempt to get it going again. Follow along as I haphazardly prepare for the biggest adventure of my life and leave behind the most glorious city in the whole wide world. 

If you’re not following my on Instagram (@itsreginapo), I’ll be posting a whole lot more there. Plus, there’ll be pictures. xox


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