Food Journal: My Week in Food I Haven’t Made in a While

Saturday is my grocery day… I bought things this week that I didn’t last week. This is pretty much my grocery shopping mantra. I don’t do lists unless I ‘need’ something thats a staple… e.g. olive oil or onions. I like walking through the produce section and seeing what looks good that I didn’t get last week, this way I’m know I’m getting a variety of foods all the time.

Saturday 01.31

Breakfast: A Fuji apple + Coffee.

Lunch: My famous MUSH to finish up the leftover veggies with a side of a couple blood oranges.

Saturday Lunch1

Left: Israeli pearl couscous medley with baby garbanzo beans and orzo cooked with smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

Right: Simple veg. medley – browned onions, baby bellas, cherry tomatoes, beans, and green onions sautéd in soy sauce.

Saturday Lunch2

dinner: Yum.

Saturday Dinner

Roasted truffle, garlic & dill fingerling potatoes with hot (red chili peppers) & cheesy buckwheat lentils (just cook buckwheat and lentils separately, combine and add shredded mozz).

Late night snack with friends: Flax seed chips with TJ’s Spinach dip… this was probably a little extra.


Breakfast: Leftovers. 
Sunday Breakfast3

Sunday Breakfast2Same as Saturday’s lunch.

Turns out I forgot all about this post. I’ll try again next week (I’m not giving up on this yet!). Here are a couple other dishes I had managed to take a pic of this week:

fried couscous

This is my version of broccoli fried rice… only I make it Broccoli fried pearl couscous (a kind of pasta made with whole wheat). [browned onions in a red chili sesame oil, broccoli sautéed in soy sauce, pearl couscous, baby garbanzo beans, orzo, and raw pumpkin seeds] I made a giant portion of this and had leftovers for days.

scrambled eggsMy current breakfast go-to. Cheesy (mozz) scrambled eggs and edamame. Dill weed for flavor.

All in all I succeeded in not going out this week. Just Monday dinner at La Esquina where I met up with some old friends. I had a chicken milanese sandwich. It was alright. Not bad… I should know better than to order sandwiches seeing as how I’m not a big fan. The large layer of melted fresh mozz was the best part.

Next week I’ll do better. I promise. Do you have any fun easy meals that you want to share? Please do!

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