10 Links to Gander: Because I Like the Internet

I don’t take advantage of having all the information at the palm of my hands very often. Here are my top 10 links from this week (some may have been from earlier) that tickled my fancy in one way or another.

1. This snail mail project is so unbelievably powerful.

2. Here’s a stream of weird videos with Russian folks rocking out.

3. The title for this one describes this list of GIFs as ‘magnificent’ I’d say they’re way trippy.

4.  These ladies took FANTASTIC photos.

5. A view of 1849 Union Sq NYC.

6. And you’re going to tell me nature isn’t cool?!

7. The subway is gross. But so awesome.

8. If you don’t already have enough alcohol in your life… here’s more.

9. This lady also went to UCF and is killing it in NYC.

10. I’ve shared this beauty before on Facebook, but it’s totally worth the double dip.

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