Because Etsy

Etsy is the greatest thing known to consumerism. Or something like that. I LOVE it. Besides opening my own shop last April, I’ve been obsessed with the awesome-ness that it produces. To add to my new weekly posts… here is my weekly favorites from

*These are just my online favorites, I don’t necessarily own any of these… yet 🙂

1. This Camera Planter from Brooklyn Global 

Succulents are the greatest thing since I discovered my complete ineptness for keeping anything green alive. They don’t need much maintenance and look even better than non-succulents. HashtagClubSucculents. This planter is kind of perfect for keeping said succulents looking pretty and alive.

2. These Tushiez from Earth Sea Warrior

These babies are the cutest and most giggle-worthy items I’ve come across Etsy so far. I got one with the air plant (from the same shop) for my mom’s birthday last year. Needless to say, it’s been the cause of many giggles ever since.

3. This Cactus Pouch from  Amelie Mancini

I didn’t even intend for this to have a plant theme. I love the neutral tones with the fun sketch.

4. This Mid Century Plate from  Frankie Steinz

I don’t know if this is my mom’s influence (she has plates hanging on almost every inch of her house), but I really enjoy plates with fun graphics/artwork on them. This one in particular though… whoa.

5. This Brothers Marseille Print Tshirt from James Anthony Apparel

Uber cool graphic. I don’t know who Marseille is, but I’m digging this shirt. It’d look groovy on a dude, but I’d be more than down to rock it myself.

6. This Squid Decal from South Shore Graphics

I love squids. Why? Because they’re cool. Duh.

7. This Forensics in the Flora Scene from Twig Terrariums NYC 

Oh so freaking cool!

8. This Driver’s Cap from Rock and Salt


9. This Woven Kilim Style Rug from Ocean Swept 

Beautiful! I love rugs on walls, especially this one.

10. This Borsch Recipe Tee from Kurochka Clothing

Um. Borsch on a T-shirt. Do I even need to comment?


[Not to be selfish or anything, but I loved Etsy so much I started my own shop. ReginaPoPostcards.]

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