Week 43: Russian Pop Songs from Hell, Escargot, & Abigail.


 Just another Monday ride to work:

A Russian pop song starts to play at the opposite end of the train car. The old Russian man rolls a shitty speaker sitting in a mini-bed on wheels. At first, it’s just loud instruments, but wait… there’s more. The old Russian man starts to sing into a muffled microphone with little idea of the key. Every now and then on the belty parts, you can hear the song’s original singer lightly edited out. He walks back and forth with the music and mic blasting through the entire train car, which as if on purpose continues to stall in between stations. Sweet victory comes after the ending of the 2nd song… he quits his musical endeavor and peace has returned.

Just another Friday night:

The echo of the saxophone vibrates through the station as I sit reminiscing on my life. The dude sitting next to me licks his fingers as he eats from his whole foods paper bag. There’s chatter everywhere… it’s only 10pm on a Friday. I’m cold… I feel a chill to the bone. A stylish duo pass by wearing floor length leather jackets and matching Jimmy Chu booties. The sax is still roaring. I can feel it’s soul passing through the vibrations of my purse. I’ve had too much pork. And gin. Thank goodness the F is finally here.

Let’s take a step back right quick… to Thursday. My roomies and I went out for drinks and dinner in the west village to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Mary Alice chose the spot. Amelie wine bar. The place was packed solid. The host must have recognized MA and sat us at the bar without a reservation. BOOM. Every single staff member from the bar tender to the host and runners had French accents… the wine had to be good, right? We got a bottle of champagne instead. Cheese, duck pate, and beef tartare, and escargot was had… it was a first of many new foods for me. All incredibly delicious.



That’s a Martini Francais behind the gooey Maringe (sp?). To avoid sounding too douche… I’d like to add I have zero clue what’s in it, but it was YUMMY.

So grateful to have these lovely ladies as my roommates.

I ended my beautiful week with a brief photo shoot with one of my incredibly talented friends Abigail. She sculpts for a living and a passion and although we only had 30 minutes together on Sunday I left so incredibly inspired. I’m going to make a full post with all the photos, but for now here are just a few.


Abigail1 Abigail2Abigail3





Things I love: Etsy Goodies

These wooden bad boys… what kid wouldn’t want these to play with!? From Goose Grease (best shop name?).etsy_2_1

Because I’m a sucker for all things white. And things that hold plants. From Light and Ladder.


Because my best friend is getting married and this adorable. From ReadyGo.

wedding topper


Ok. One more… succulents as wedding favors? yes. From


Brie? Why, yes. Please. From Charlie Chalk Designs.


Cat Cufflinks? So good. From Necklace Club.


I’m a huge fan of socks. Especially these. From Special Yarn Shop.


Also, a big fan of hats. This one is really doing it for me. From TUTU Hand Made Hats.


Funky speakers. From Building Hero Project.


10 Links to Gander: Because I Like the Internet

I don’t take advantage of having all the information at the palm of my hands very often. Here are my top 10 links from this week (some may have been from earlier) that tickled my fancy in one way or another.

1. This snail mail project is so unbelievably powerful.

2. Here’s a stream of weird videos with Russian folks rocking out.

3. The title for this one describes this list of GIFs as ‘magnificent’ I’d say they’re way trippy.

4.  These ladies took FANTASTIC photos.

5. A view of 1849 Union Sq NYC.

6. And you’re going to tell me nature isn’t cool?!

7. The subway is gross. But so awesome.

8. If you don’t already have enough alcohol in your life… here’s more.

9. This lady also went to UCF and is killing it in NYC.

10. I’ve shared this beauty before on Facebook, but it’s totally worth the double dip.