Week 1: Sprints, Headgear, & a Gelato Tasting.

Click here to vote Regina for Fan FavoriteIMG_1257Sunday thoughts (August 7th)

This weekend was filled with intense training sessions. Definitely far more than I’ve been doing up until now. 10 – 3 minute rounds (with 30 second rest) was definitely the biggest physical challenge I’ve ever had until the next day with 30/40 minutes of conditioning drills. After each round I kept thinking “Ok, that must be the end… it couldn’t possibly keep going” and yet it did. I couldn’t help, but laugh through most of it (when I wasn’t desperately trying to gasp for air- my breathing could stand some work). I’m not complaining by the way. I’m no huge fan of sprints or anything (a giant understatement), but take my word for it… Sprints will become my favorite activity before this is all over.  Continue reading “Week 1: Sprints, Headgear, & a Gelato Tasting.”

Food Journal: Grilled Cheese.

Ok so maybe this week wasn’t the healthiest of weeks (I ended it with an all-you-can-eat sushi dinner which just about killed me). But I decided to indulge in the beloved grilling of bread with cheese… only 2x this week but what the hell.


The classic turkey grilled cheese… with Havarti dill cheese and a side of roasted spicy cauliflower & sweet potatoes.


veggie_medley veggie_medley2

One of my classic Veggie Medleys with Buckwheat & red Quinoa on the side.

* Mashed cauliflower: with lots of browned onions, garlic powder, fresh scallions, fresh dill, and dried dill weed.

* Greens medley: turnips and collard greens seasoned with smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, browned onions, and raw walnuts.

Open_faced_grilled_cheese Open_faced_grilled_cheese2

Open faced grilled cheese. Sourdough bread, Havarti dill cheese, and the greens medley from the meal above. I used a toaster oven to get this crispy and melty grilled cheese and skipped the butter.

Ate with a side of a garlic pickle & edamame (seasoned with coarse sea salt & dried red chili peppers)



I ended my week with a shrimp & black bean medley.

Shrimp seared in soy sauce and seasoned in garlic powder and dill weed.

Mixed with

Turnip & collard greens, browned onions, fresh dill, scallions, black beans, and quinoa. Topped with shredded Mozz.



Food Journal: My Week in Food I Haven’t Made in a While

Saturday is my grocery day… I bought things this week that I didn’t last week. This is pretty much my grocery shopping mantra. I don’t do lists unless I ‘need’ something thats a staple… e.g. olive oil or onions. I like walking through the produce section and seeing what looks good that I didn’t get last week, this way I’m know I’m getting a variety of foods all the time.

Saturday 01.31

Breakfast: A Fuji apple + Coffee.

Lunch: My famous MUSH to finish up the leftover veggies with a side of a couple blood oranges.

Saturday Lunch1

Left: Israeli pearl couscous medley with baby garbanzo beans and orzo cooked with smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

Right: Simple veg. medley – browned onions, baby bellas, cherry tomatoes, beans, and green onions sautéd in soy sauce.

Saturday Lunch2

dinner: Yum.

Saturday Dinner

Roasted truffle, garlic & dill fingerling potatoes with hot (red chili peppers) & cheesy buckwheat lentils (just cook buckwheat and lentils separately, combine and add shredded mozz).

Late night snack with friends: Flax seed chips with TJ’s Spinach dip… this was probably a little extra.


Breakfast: Leftovers. 
Sunday Breakfast3

Sunday Breakfast2Same as Saturday’s lunch.

Turns out I forgot all about this post. I’ll try again next week (I’m not giving up on this yet!). Here are a couple other dishes I had managed to take a pic of this week:

fried couscous

This is my version of broccoli fried rice… only I make it Broccoli fried pearl couscous (a kind of pasta made with whole wheat). [browned onions in a red chili sesame oil, broccoli sautéed in soy sauce, pearl couscous, baby garbanzo beans, orzo, and raw pumpkin seeds] I made a giant portion of this and had leftovers for days.

scrambled eggsMy current breakfast go-to. Cheesy (mozz) scrambled eggs and edamame. Dill weed for flavor.

All in all I succeeded in not going out this week. Just Monday dinner at La Esquina where I met up with some old friends. I had a chicken milanese sandwich. It was alright. Not bad… I should know better than to order sandwiches seeing as how I’m not a big fan. The large layer of melted fresh mozz was the best part.

Next week I’ll do better. I promise. Do you have any fun easy meals that you want to share? Please do!