I made it a whole year!

I’ve tried to explain my love for NYC, but somehow every single time it ends up sounding more like a giant complaint. It’s loud, sweaty, uncomfortable, expensive, and filled with rats. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t think it’s possible to truly understand why this city is so unbelievably magical unless you spend some time here yourself.

I’m constantly wondering why I got to be this lucky, but at the end of the day I’d rather just be thankful.

Things I’ve gotten used to: 

The loving sounds of a Jack Hammer playing it’s tunes for hours during the day… right outside my office window.

The exotic smells of the Subway during rush hour.

The dreary dreadful days of winter.

The refreshing breeze as it hits my sweaty skin. Summer or winter… refreshing, nonetheless.

The ability to have the tastiest, crunchiest, juiciest, yummyiest wings on earth brought to my doorstep with a click of a button. Whenever I want.

The joy of seeing $16 on my check… for 1 cosmo.

The inability to get anywhere within a reasonable amount of time on the weekends.

The distinguished smell of Chinatown as the summer air approaches. And stays.

The weekly relentless honking battle outside my window. At 7am.

The lost tourists stopping directly in front of me as I try to make up for the train delay.

The inevitable truth that I will never be comfortable.

The best people watching in soho.

The unbelievable luck I feel every single day I walk out of my front door.


[Photo I took in my cab on my way to the Bronx when I first landed in NYC]

A year ago today, I packed a bag and hopped a plane with very little idea of how I’m going to build a life for myself in nyc. All I knew was that this is where I was meant to go. I was scared and pessimistic… good thing I didn’t give up on my dream just because it didn’t seem realistic.

Some of my favorite posts & milestones:

That time I lost my marbles on the plane to NYC

The time I walked the Manhattan Bridge 

That time I got my first job in NYC

The time I discovered what Trader Joes was like at 6pm

The time I cried on the subway

The time I moved to my dream neighborhood & got another tattoo

The time I thought I was prepared for winter

The time I landed my amazing job

The time I didn’t take a camera to Little Russia

The time I tried Stand Up comedy

The time I survived winter. Just barely

I’m living in my dream neighborhood in my dream apartment working in my dream job.

Every day I wake up feeling like like I won the freaking lottery.

Cheers to chasing what feels right.


In the last 5 days I have listened to a South African Princess make magic on a stage, indulged in the best lox and caviar cream cheese while enjoying classical music in the beautiful outdoors, drank beers in a tiny Staten Island dive bar with the ‘locals’, ate an authentic Italian dinner made by an Italian grandma (her name is Nonna), rode around Manhattan on a private boat exploring the canals of NJ & Brooklyn (Gowanus canal is GROSS), and spent an evening drinking cocktails with artists on a rooftop of a very old hotel in the middle of Chelsea as part of my job. The best part? This isn’t vacation.. this is my life.

2 3

[Upper Manhattan West side]

[the old Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg]


Gowanus Canal:

6 7 8 9


[adorable neighborhood along a canal in NJ]11
13 14


[Gallow Green Rooftop Bar]

Dear NYC, I love you.

Happy anniversary and cheers to many many more years to come!


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