Week 10: Things I Hate, Sibling Reunion, & Pillows.

7.22: I was on the subway for an hour ride to the airport. I felt the urge to write, so I wrote on my phone. The following text is what follows:

Movies romanticize heartbreaks as if they’re some sorta right of passage to happily ever after. I disagree. There is nothing romantic about crying on the subway as you try your best  to blend in with the bacteria that has made itself home on the orange seats, everyone pretending not to stare at you; secretly wondering why people look so ugly when they cry.

Things I hate: (in the order they come to me, don’t judge)

#1. Dating

2. people who litter

3. bullying

4. Driving

5. Liars

6. waking up before 7am

7. Flip Flops

8. When my feet hurt

9. Being really hungry

10. Crying on the subway

11. Feeling ignorant

12. Having my nails so long that it scratches everything

13. Feeling inferior

14. Putting someone down by accident

15. Eating fastfood

16. feeling sad

17. even though I should be having the time of my life

18. wearing short skirts

19. feeling weak

20. falling for someone despite my better judgement

21. being a girl

22. No, wait I love that.


I’m not good with words. Not speaking them, anyway. I wish I could just write instead of talking in most situations. A guy I dated my freshmen year of college used that line to break things off through a Facebook message. Despite his rather un-eloquently put break-up, I have to agree.

By the time I got to the airport I realized I’ll likely survive (I’m far more sensitive than I like to admit) and move on sooner than later.

7.24: This morning went something like this: Open eyes. Put hand to forehead. Wonder what’s up with the throbbing. Wait. Feel a sudden urge to jug water.

Hangovers are never fun. But last night was. My brother is here visiting from Russia on his way to China. Yesterday was his first full day here and it was fun. I took him to the high line and took care of some necessary shopping needs. Followed up with soup dumplings and more dumplings from Prosperity Dumplings (I forgot to take a picture). Prosperity Dumplings were SO good! I’m not sure if the price made them taste even better than they were, but holy shit. $2.75 for 10 (rather large) dumplings. My brother and I split them and still had a few left over for later that night. Too bad the place isn’t closer to me.

We spent the day walking around, grabbing coffee at the Highline, and meeting up with his friends to journey the night away. Some pictures were taken… I think I’m finally feeling up to taking photos of the city. Future posts should have more photography :]

 walk night highline7 highline6 highline5 highline4 highline2 highline1 highlin3

7.26: Today was a rough day. Tomorrow will be better.

I made a Meetup!! NYC Pillow Fight Club — Click there to join! Also, I’m still without any real future home plans. Am I destined to live without a home? What is a girl to do? For REAL though?

Crossing some major fingers that the universe aligns and I find something promising soon.


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