Week 9: The Umbrella Fiasco, Visiting the Dead, & a $16 Cosmo.

7. 14: It rained today. It’s actually been raining for the past couple of days. It reminds me of Florida’s summer afternoon showers… only here I have no car to keep from soaking my feet. Please don’t mistake that for me yearning for a vehicle – I’m not. Maneuvering on the streets during a rain shower is a bit trickier than usual. On any given day there are a bunch of folks walking around – too many of which stop in the middle of the sidewalk for no apparent reason. When rain is coming down, umbrellas tend to go up… And the sidewalk turns into a jigsaw puzzle. Walking around, I had to make sure my giant beige umbrella (it’s one of those with a hook at the tip) did not hit anyone. Seeing as how I’m kind of short, my umbrella height tends to hit people smack dab in the face. I’m sure it isn’t pleasant. Not only do I have to refrain from hitting someone’s face, I’m also having to slide in and out of other umbrellas coming at me from every which direction. I’ve had to pull the ‘Pull Up’ maneuver a couple times today — rising your umbrella well above the other umbrellas to avoid a collision.

As suave as I think I am sometimes, in real life I’m incredibly clumsy. My mom still makes fun of me for spilling food on my shirt at age 24. Knowing this, I probably shouldn’t have been pretending to be a James Bond type while swiveling in and out of umbrella traffic in the middle of a Midtown sidewalk. I was having a lot of fun until I was going too fast to get out of the way of a fabulous looking group of middle aged men who were clearly awestruck by all the tall buildings. It all happened so quickly. One minute I was that crazy swift chick from Kill Bill all dry and mighty under my umbrella and the next I was chasing after my umbrella trying to hold on to my purse and screaming to people to ‘GRAB THAT UMBRELLA. Please’.

When I came home my clothes were soaked, my shoes were squishy, my pride a little hurt, but over-all I’m happy I got to play in the rain on the streets of NYC.

7. 16: It’s Wednesday. It also happens to be my day off. My weekends – for the next 4 weeks – are on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Today – after my gym sesh – I made lunch and enjoyed some HIMYM re-runs on Netflix. I’ve also spent the good portion of today looking for new places to live and sending out numerous e-mails describing the essentials of ‘me’. It’s weird… trying to find a room in NYC is a lot like online dating only without a profile. I feel myself constantly trying to scream (without the use of any obvious gestures) I’M AWESOME, let me be your roommate. There are lots of great places here, but not many of said awesome places are affordable. There are a few — which is why it’s like a freaking rat race to find one and nail it down. I have until September to find the right place. If the universe is in my favor – which of late, I’m beginning to think it is – I will find some place I can call home for at least one year. I’d really really really like to like my neighborhood. That is all.

I went to the cemetery today. It was awesome.

cem1 cem2 cem3 cem4 cem5 cem6 cem8

7.18: I’ve been skipping days, I know. I figured nobody reads all of my weekly updates anyway. On that topic, I’ve gotten several private messages and e-mails about following me on here and I love them! It feels pretty cool knowing my mom isn’t my only audience. Well, along with myself. I love the kind words and would love it even more if you commented on here :] If you have any burning questions (I know my life isn’t THAT exciting) or simply want to pass on a sweet word, let me know on here — I love going through my entries and re-reading them and I would love it even more if I could re-read a comment or two along with them. Thank you for the love.

7.20: This week was rough… getting into my schedule has been a bit more difficult than I had imagined. But all is well. Next week I have another visitor….!! And we will definitely have some awesome adventures on my days off (Many pictures — not iPhone photos — to come!)


I went to a swanky rooftop bar this week and spent $16 on a Cosmo. I didn’t feel any swanky-er post Cosmo, but I was out $16. This scene is not for me, but it was fun pretending I suppose.

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