Operation Reggie’s SEA Life is a GO.

It’s 12.53pm.

I woke up at 3am.

I have this weird surreal-ish feeling… Like is this real life? The loud speaker at JFK’s Terminal 1 has been adamant about letting us know there’s a final boarding call. For what? Hard to tell. The family (?) of four sitting across the food court look they’ve been to hell and back — although the older lady is sporting a stellar black and blue outfit with sparkles up and down her arms so I’m not mad about it. 

I’ve been here for about an hour (1 down, 11 to go before my flight) and the place has slowly picked up speed. My turkey and cheese sandwich wasn’t very satisfying, but seeing as how I’m about to try to make little $ stretch for a whole year, I better save as much as I can.

My head hurts. I had to open a brand new bottle of Tylenol.

There are birds inside the foodcourt. Live birds. Just walking and flying around. Beneath my feet. Above my head. What are they doing here? How did they get here? There are a whole lot of people coughing all around me. Is this how I finally catch this damn flu?

Better question, why the hell does my right ring finger keep hurting. Not loving that.

I packed and un-packed my red 40 liter back pack about 5 times yesterday to make sure I knew exactly where everything was at any given moment. I’d wonder how long it’ll stay organized, but there’s no other way everything would fit. It’s so heavy. I definitely over packed.

The airline I’m flying (EVA Airlines) doesn’t even have a desk of their own. And there’s nobody to check me in until 4 hours out from my flight (8pm). At least I know I’ll definitely be tired enough to pass out for my 16 hour flight. Never done that before.

My flight is technically to Hong Kong with a layover in Taipei. If they force me to check my bag I’ll be in trouble. So that’s been on my mind since this morning. Have I mentioned I woke up at 3am?

Once I get to Taipei I’m going to have to make my way to Kaohsiung (southern end of the island). It sounds simple enough. PO_showSo I always thought that travel show hosts have the COOLEST job. So I’m going to have my own travel show.

THE PO SHOW: Where in the world is Regina Po

Want to watch? I have no idea how what the sitch with the wifi/data will be like in the places I go, but I will make it work so that I can do some sort of filming. I’ll try to make them live. So if you wanna follow along, make sure you’re following me on Instagram for THE PO SHOW (and pictures and such).

Time to learn Chinese.

Oh Boy. I’m tired.



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