On 1 Month To Go.

And yes, I am definitely counting.

I’ve been planning and thinking about this trip for over two years. That’s a long time… At least in my little world. But for as much time as I’ve spent dreaming of the sparkling blue waters teeming with fishes while I lay aboard a floating device of some sort sipping a cold beer (I’m telling you, I’ve thought about this A LOT), it never actually felt like reality. Like not even a little. Not even after I said goodbye to my home in Brooklyn. Not until literally just like a moment ago. 

I never write at night time… Like ever, but it just hit me and my bones are legit tingling so I HAD to write.

I’ve been stressing about my trip, if anything, for the last week more than I have previously. Stressing over my fears of traveling alone in a completely unfamiliar (very foreign) region. Stressing about the actual *travel portion. I’m not terrible at navigating, but who the hell knows. Maybe I am? I’ve never had to try and navigate a place in a foreign language (ok, maybe once… but that was Costa Rica and I was there for like 2 weeks). Stressing hard about how I’m going to get from point A to point B without panicking (I’ve learned recently I’m not as good under pressure as I once thought). Stressing hard and at the same time trying to embrace the stress and mentally preparing. Phew. 

I was just browsing hostels online and watching random Youtube videos and it hit me. I’m leaving in a month. WHAAA? I found a spot that’s exactly what I wanted after my adventures in Taiwan (which I’m mostly not freaking out about because I won’t be there alone). I knew I’d find it, if not online then definitely once I got there. I guess I just needed some reassurance. Whatever. I found it. I love it. And I’m so stinkin’ excited!

(next to come: how the hell do I fit everything I need for an entire YEAR into a 40 liter bag.)


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