Week 25: Clueless Regina & Megan Amram.

I am the most uninteresting person right now. Also entirely too confused about my life to write anything comprehensive (this is like the 20th time I’ve deleted this entry and started over).

New York has treated me crazy well (considering the horror stories I’ve heard) since I’ve made my move. I was strolling through one of the endless Top Ten ‘lists’ the other day and came across one that had to do with NYC. Something along the lines of what people expect when moving here vs. what actually happens… I’ve gotta tell ya’ in my experience it was mainly wrong. Among the other numbered items, it mentioned paying over a thousand dollars for a cardboard box of an apartment vs. the brownstone apartment that ‘you thought you’d be living in’. I don’t pay a thousand dollars and I do live in a brownstone [granted its not in Manhattan, but a whole 20 min train ride]. Rent here IS ridiculous though… I saw some insanely tiny rooms for the cost of entire rental homes in Orlando. All in all, NYC hasn’t been quite as ruthless as I had expected [I’m knocking on every wood surface in my room right now].


I’ve finally come to a place where I’m stumped. Personally. I really wanted to document my experience making a life for myself in NYC, but I’m not sure the dilemma I’m dealing with currently has anything to do with the city itself. I’ve spent chunks of my life chasing after something I felt extremely passionate about. Where did that get me? A lot of spent time that I’ll never get back. I feel like a walking cliche. I’m a 24 year old with very little career direction. The idea of committing my life to one career literally makes my stomach turn. It has to happen. It will happen. And 4 years down the line I’ll probably change my mind. Again. I’d just like to get a clue where to go now. Literally right Now.

My entries are slowly getting less about the city and more about being a clueless millenial. That was not the intention. This has to be my least favorite topic of conversation at the moment. It’s also currently the major ongoing topic taking up space in my inner brainwaves. Bummer, I know.


With that said, this week was great. [As are my weeks normally]. Let’s be honest, I’m living my dream. Sort of (if you completely disregard my previous rant you’d believe me). I did have a pretty comical (or so I thought) experience at a book launch the other night. My roommate brought me along to a reading by Megan Amram for her new book Science for Her. For those of you (like me) who don’t know who Megan Amram is – she is a comedian and writer who currently writes for Parks & Rec.

I had no idea who she was and didn’t hear Jess (my roommate) tell me that her book was satire. This made my listening experience VERY different from everyone in the room. We got there after it already started. Megan was wearing a white lab coat and was accompanied by a very smart looking dapper older gentleman (John Hodgman).  I didn’t know who he was either. When she started to read excerpts from her book my mind was blown. I can’t sufficiently describe the excerpts without actual pieces and I’m not sure I can do that so just take a look at the cover of the book: Here is the link to Amazon. My impression of John’s role in the event was to giggle at how funny it was for her to write a book about science… seriously I was speechless.

She basically created a ‘science’ book in the same format as many fashion and woman’s magazines (cosmo, seventeen, etc) and focused on the same bullshit topics these magazines focus on except with a ‘science’ twist? I’m not sure that really describes it… she pretty much nails it on her Tumblr Here.

This book is Satire. I was not in on the joke until after she had finished reading multiple excerpts. I thought my head was going to explode. I could not believe the room was jam packed with people gawking over this moron… needless to say after the reading of the book was over and they started chatting a bit about the concept and the process I figured it out. Brilliant. And really quite funny.


In other news… it’s getting chillier. Sort of. I’m getting to play with a whole new set of clothing pieces that made me look ridiculous in Orlando.



After the book launch we strolled over to the DUMBO light show… the crowds were unreal. There was a line around the block to get into the actual show so we decided to get out of there. I’m glad we did it early, otherwise I’m pretty sure the subway station closest was jam packed for hours. I did’t really get what the hype was all about, but we snapped a photo anyway.

Hope your week is more exciting than mine. Ciao!


I made egg salad.

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