Week 12: $2 Dumplings, People Watching, & Mr. Grumpy.

8.5: I have the next 3 days off from work and I’m lovingggggg having nothing to do. I cleaned the apartment, took care of bills/other non-fun stuff, & have been searching for a place to live while listening to my Dumpstaphunk station on Pandora for the past hour. ❤

I spent the rest of the reuniting w/ my good friend Tina from Orlando (who also has made NYC home) with a trip to the museum, a bowl of the most delicious $2 I’ve ever spent, and bluegrass tunes. It was a day well spent.

I’ve mentioned these dumplings before — Prosperity Dumplings — and I’ll mention them again. The ‘restaurant’ (if you want to call it that) is about the size of my walk-in closet back in Orlando with a kitchen. The menu is incredibly cheap and the food is good enough to risk a food coma. The line was out the door spilling out onto the side walk when we got there and I’m pretty sure this is a common scene.

dumplings dumplings 2 bluegrass

8.6:  My Wednesday:

* Check out another apartment [I’m still being uber picky… not sure if I actually have that luxury anymore]

* Meet friend for lunch at the newest food fad (fancy Ramen) — only to realize I don’t like wasabe as a soup flavor.

* Wait around for lottery rush tickets for Hedwig & the Angry Inch only to have over 500 other people show up and enter [We didn’t get the tickets]

* Buy tickets for the second musical on the ‘List of Musicals to See’ and get drunk (on accident) before the show even starts… they serve you $4 IN the theatre, what do they expect?

* Take forever to get home because subways don’t like to work at night.

8.7: I went to the gym gave my sorry ass a great work out (seriously, this out of shape non-sense has got to go). After lunch and some rest time at home (my body was pretty exhausted) I ventured out to help a friend in need. She needed clothes for an interview… and while I’m not the biggest fan of professional attire, shopping in general is a lot of hunting. And since in this scenario I wasn’t the one trying things on, I was down to help.

We followed things up with some street food and brought the evening in people watching and appreciating the city in Washington Square Park.

wash sq wash sq 2

 8.8: After 3 days of no work I started my 8 day work week…. I’m banking on a good deal of sleep and some serious workouts to get me through this.

When going to take a shower before bed I was un-pleasantly surprised to find out we have no hot water. None. And the water we do have is not just mildly chilly… its ice-water. Having just been to the gym, my options were kind of limited in terms of showering or-not. So I braved the cold and took the quickest shower possible – all the while somewhat screaming profanities at this nonsense.

I’m praying to the apartment gods to bring back the heat.

8.9: Dear Mr. Grumpy on the A train:

It is without a doubt one of the most annoying occurrences when the train decides to stop on the tracks for ‘train traffic’. We all know this to be very suspicious, but your adamant and obnoxious response to the rather animated loud speaker’s announcement is unnecessary. Nobody- and I really mean that – cares what end-of-the-world important meeting you’re about to miss. If it was THAT important you should have used the few brain cells you look like you have to think to take a cab. Or Uber. They’re pretty useful. If you MUST grunt uncontrollably every time the train stops and an announcement is made please do so into a pillow or something. Again, nobody cares. Not me. Not the preggo lady in floral who looks like a bouquet of explosive Lillies. Not the elderly latin couple who, I’m pretty certain, missed their stop in their deep slumber. Not the teenager with the leopard print high tops — he looks like he’s got his own problems, judging by the cranky smugness on his face. And I’m pretty sure the homeless vet standing next to you gives two shits about your important meeting. Please rest assured, your childish tantrums are not going to help move the train along. If anything, you’re slowly building an army of annoyed train goers. Stop.

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