Week 7: Apartments, Dumplings, & Failed Fireworks.

Day 1 (6.30): I often find myself reflecting on life. Too often, probably. My greatest fear is to have wasted my life -somehow- by wasting a day, an hour, a moment – what have you. Living in NYC makes it even harder to reflect on wasted time… How could I not take advantage of the city every waking moment?!? It’s quite exhausting.

Last weekend involved a great deal of exploration – which comes with walking, eating, & drinking. I’m young and have quite the tolerance for all three activities, but even I need a break. Today I’m taking time off from the wonders of the city — at least until 9pm. I’ll be at home… preparing for my new job and other inside activities (that don’t include hours of Facebook or Charmed).

[Ended my day with a bluegrass jam… wish I could’ve stayed later, but I’m not sure coming home too late is a good idea in my neighborhood. One more month and hopefully I’ll be living with more ease.]

Bluegrass is pure magic. 

Day 2 (7.1): Spent the day reading up on policies & procedures for my new job and browsing craigslist for a new place to call home. This time I’m really hoping for something more permanent (at least 1 year). I can’t be too picky, but I definitely have some priorities — 1. safe neighborhood that is somewhat close to the subway 2. Clean roommates  — everything else is second priority. I was really hoping to find something in Park Slope (my favorite neighborhood thus far), but hardly anyone is renting there. The previous apartment I went to check out (the ‘perfect’ place) I didn’t end up getting.

Even though apartment hunting is a pain in NYC, I feel much more relaxed than the first time around. I sent out some 20 e-mails… we’ll see.

Checked out the LES today… it’s weird. Many parts of NYC have a way of combining grunge and trendy into a hip location. The LES takes that to the extreme… I was walking on Grand (which to me was pretty grungy) and then turned the corner onto Orchard St and all the sudden there were tiny cafes and vintage boutiques & giant colorful graphics hanging from walls… its just strange to me how the two worlds collide more so in the LES than anywhere else I’ve seen thus far.

NYC = puzzle.

Day 3 (7.2): The weather was gross. Hot in the 1st part of the day and crazy thunder storm in the 2nd. NY bagels were had and Casper was watched.

I never thought it was possible, but gaining weight in 6 weeks is not hard. With all the amazing food (not to mention bars) around me I’ve gotten a little out of hand… As my honeymoon comes to an end, I’ve realized I’ve spent too much money and eaten too much food for my own good. Thus, I must get back to my normal spending and eating habits right away. Tonight, I made one of my usual meals… a hardy salad: Buckwheat, baby spinach, sliced tomato, green peppers, green onions, red onions, avocado, sunflower seeds, a tad bit of olive oil + salt + pepper + garlic powder = Dinner.


Next Up: gym membership… time to fit comfortably into my pants again.

Meanwhile, the apartment hunt continues. 

Day 4 (7.3): It was supposed to rain today so I didn’t leave the house (I didn’t need to do anything outside). It is now 7:45pm and it just now rained for like 10 minutes and then stopped. The big storm everyone kept telling me about lasted 10 minutes.

Today’s salad was just as yummy and healthy as last night’s dinner: Quinoa, pepper, tomato, green onion, red onion, avocado, sunflower seeds, curried lentils,  baby spinach, and olive oil + salt + pepper + garlic powder.


What does one do when stuck at home? Watch movies, duh.

rainy day

I want to meet the person who thought and wrote the script for Baby Geniuses.  

Day 5 (7.4): Wake up. Go outside. Step in a giant pile of dog shit. [My day in a nutshell.]

I went to see another apartment today. It was pretty great too, but I’m no fool — I’m not going to get my hopes up this time! My roommie, Chelsea, accompanied me and we went to dinner in a small Thai restaurant afterwards.

thai spice

[side note: I’m starting a feat like no other — I’m going to try to eat all the dumplings in NYC! Not all at once, of course. And honestly, this feat is quite impossible seeing as how new places are constantly popping up and old ones closing down — its a never ending circle of culinary births & deaths in the city. Either way, I’d like to attempt it. I’ve been eating all sorts of dumplings since I got here, but now I’d like to keep track of which ones I’ve tried – and how awesome they were.]

Thai crepe dumplings – Spice Thai

Really crunchy. Too crunchy (peanuts). Meat was a bit dry. Otherwise, really delicate rice dumpling texture.

thai crepe dumplings

Today is America’s Independence Day and New York City had a special fireworks show over the East River. I was really hoping to get to see with the skyline as the background. Unfortunately, so did the rest of NYC. By the time we got to the coast (on the Manhattan side), there were far too many people for us to get anywhere  near the bridges. So we went home. [We could still see the fireworks, but without the skyline in the background it’s just another firework show.]



I win the Grumpy Pants Award for today.

Day 6 (7.5): I’ve been meeting and talking with a bunch of people since I’ve moved. A lot of these folks wonder how I’m ‘adjusting’ to life…  Applying to jobs in NYC without a single NY job on a resume is difficult because  – apparently –  employers think NYC will scare the living shit out of someone new before they have a chance to stick around. When I came here I never felt out of place or shaken. Sure, I was extremely excited and beside myself with awe, but I was never distraught with the new lifestyle. I’ve never felt so at home in my life. I’m constantly questioning all of my decisions, but not this one. Nothing has felt so (for the lack of a better word) ‘right’ for me. I don’t see NYC scaring me out anytime soon.

With that said, I joined a gym today. Hallelujah! I was so excited to finally get a good workout!


So excited to finally get a daily sweat-sesh!

Day 7 (7.6): It’s Sunday… and so in true NY fashion I had a lovely Sunday Brunch with some very fabulous ladies in Greenwich Village. It was hot today. I’ve realized that I don’t have summer clothes. I lived in FL and I don’t have summer clothes… how this is possible, I don’t know. I think I over-compensated with the long sleeved shirts and pants thinking NYC was going to be frigid all year round. Either way, I’m in need of some light clothing… I can’t be walking around the city in black leggings and long sleeves. I’m in the market for some fitted graphic Tees. I found some awesome ones on Etsy, but I’m hoping I can find some at the Brooklyn Flea Market next Saturday!

[I haven’t really taken any photos this week — it was a weird one . Next week I’ll be sure to document my adventures more with images.]

Next week I start my new job, begin my 8th week (2 months!!), and hopefully find a place to call home (no more white walls surrounding my bed!).


Until next week, adios!


2 thoughts on “Week 7: Apartments, Dumplings, & Failed Fireworks.

  1. Sorry about the Fourth. Yay about a gym and new possibilities for a new place! Fingers are crossed. Good luck with the dumplings 🙂

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