Lady Portraits.

I hope you enjoyed the previous SWEET & Hairy series as much as I did! I’ve done a lot of other lady portraits lately so I thought I would share a few of my favorites!

I’m working on some dude inspired projects so my blog won’t be filled with lady-only content, but until then… here are some of my most recent  lady portraits. Enjoy!

*Quick note: you can always click on the images and it will take you to a slideshow*

The lovely ladies posing in these images are: Kasey (on bike), Mercedes (pink background), & Tempest (on stilts). They’re wonderful.

Funky Photography: SWEET & Hairy

I want to start this blog off with my current inspiration: the ladies who helped me make my newest funky photography series: SWEET & HAIRY a reality for my other project Regina Po Postcards.


What’s this you ask?

Regina Po Postcards brings genuine long-distance communication back into our lives. That’s what. You may have seen the snail-mail vs. e-mail meme floating out and about on social media.

Exhibit A

The era of handwritten communication is all, but extinct. Friends and relatives who are long distances apart no longer connect on a genuine level. [E-mail/facebook/text etc. is not genuine.] Typing up an e-mail requires little (if any) effort. There is no -real- thought placed into the e-mail/text message/etc. With a handwritten postcard you must take some time (not all day, lets be real) to really think about what you’d like to say to the recipient… the words you handwrite mean so much more than the text you send instantly via internet.

I LOVE receiving personal mail. Perhaps this is my way of telling all of those who know me to immediately write me a letter, but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. A hand written postcard tells someone you care and totally brightens their day (in my case more like a week). 

Want to send something Happy? Check out my fun & colorful collection of postcards on Etsy: Regina Po Postcards 

Some of the postcards you’ll see at the  Regina Po Postcards store features some lovely ladies dazzled with sprinkles and various sweets.

I’ll spare you all the boring details and skip to the part where these ladies decided they’d totally be down with me putting sticky syrupy honey on their face (and in their eye – Sorry Jenny!), sprinkling their faces like they were the top tier of a wedding cake, and teasing their hair so much I ran out of my giant can of Aqua Net. Not everyone can look as lovely as these beautiful ladies do with sprinkles and honey smeared on their faces.

This is the second part of the photo series (the first being the images used on the postcards).

Mercedes4 Mercedes2 Jenny4 Jenny3 Jenny Heather8 Heather Heather Danielle Danielle Callye Callye Callye Bonnie Bonnie Mercedes3_blog

If you haven’t already, check out my shop on Etsy (HERE)! I hope you will find something that catches your fancy in the shop and you’ll join the dying art of written communication before its too late! [cue apocalypse music]