3 Ways to Say Thanks

I’ve been doing my best to stray away from do-good-ish posts or anything remotely close. I’m no saint myself . BUT I really wanted to have a teeny-tiny-itti-bitti post about showing gratitude. Saying Thanks. I’ve gotten to be this funky thanks to some really awesome folks and they should know that I’m grateful.

I’m talking about the kind of ‘Thanks‘ that requires you take some time out of your day to reach out to someone that has improved your life in one way or another; letting them know you appreciate their efforts. Before I get into a do-good-ish rant, I’ll leave it at that. While you sit there thinking about alllll those people you should have said ‘Thanks’ to… here are a few ways to get on it.

3 Ways to Say ‘Thanks’ 

1. The Telephone.

If your ears perk up at the sound of a ringing phone, you should probably think about doing this option. Pick up the phone, dial the number (you might have to look this up — it’s probably been ages since you’ve spoken to this person), and let the words flow. No need for a long drawn out mega-thank you-you saved my life-what would I do without you- kind of speech. A simple ‘Thanks for being there for me when I needed it’ will probably suffice. Although feel free to revise the wording, it is you talking after all.

2. The Letter.

No, I don’t mean an e-mail. By no means should you type something up on the computer and click send. NO. If you haven’t already gotten the message — receiving a real-life-hold-in-your-hand kind of letter is eons more personal that a typed up all-the-letters-look-the-same–e-mail. If you’re going to do this, do it right. I actually chose to do this method using Regina Po Postcards. Using the same no nonsense approach -as previously mentioned- write something simple and straight to the point. If your handwriting is as bad as mine, you should probably warm your hand up a bit (you probably haven’t written anything for days). Finding the address might be a little tricky, but it is possible – just do a little digging.

DSC_2757 DSC_2760


3. The Cookie.

If you don’t want to pick up the phone or put your hand to a pen, make some cookies. Pinterest has got you covered… there is every kind of cookie imaginable on that site. Type in cookie recipes and wait for your head to explode. I’d go with something simple since I’m not a baking fan. [Follow the recipe] When I’m cooking, I go all funky-fied with my ingredients and the portions — I like to pretend I’m mixing a magical potion. With baking, you can’t do that. Again, follow the recipe. Also, don’t just use pre-made cookie dough… that’s as bad as typing up a generic e-mail. Once you’ve made your batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies (or maybe you went with white macadamia) you can drop off the cookies on the recipient’s doorstep or perhaps their office (use your own judgement). If you don’t want to write a note as mentioned above, just include a ‘to/from’ so they know who sent it. Maybe add a ‘Thanks‘ somewhere in that note? Just a thought. Oh and you don’t have to use cookies — I would be happy getting a homemade batch of kimchi, so if that’s your thing, go for it!


Whatever you choose to do, do it right. Don’t skimp out by typing at text or an e-mail. If you’re going for a written letter go the extra mile and get a unique card or use pretty paper. And when it comes to cooking, don’t have your mom do it… that’s just lazy.

Good luck!  And if you don’t want to say Thanks? Don’t. But you’ll wish you had.