A New Yorker: 18 Days


Stoop for days & the nook

It’s a lovely day outside –IF– you’re sitting in the nook with an open window. Mostly because it’s really windy and all the debris has been flying into my eyes all day. There’s a lot of dust and dirt and sand. Not to mention random trash blown from over-flowing tash cans.  BUT… Seeing as how I am sitting in-doors in my cushion-y nook enjoying the breeze calmly filter in, I’m very much enjoying the weather. It’s sunny. Warm. Rare. Fun fact… About a week into my moving to NYC I came to meet a friend for brunch in Brooklyn. When I got off the train and started walking through the neighborhood, the only thing I could think was WOW. This was straight from the movies. Gorgeous brownstones with detailed historic architecture. Stoops for days. I thought… One day when I make a ton of money, I’m going to live here. Three 1/2 months later, I moved into an apartment directly across the street from the restaurant where we had brunch. It wasn’t easy. It was arguably the hardest thing I’ve done since moving here (including finding a job I LOVE). Everyone told me, just look in a different neighborhood… you’re never going to find something in your price range. HA.

Not a day goes by where I am not crazy grateful for my beautiful apartment in my beautiful neighborhood. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I got so lucky, but mostly I’m just glad I did.

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