Week 20: Molly in Transit, Miss Jenny, & My Roomies.

It’s Sunday… I’m just now coming up to write something. I woke up to 48 degree weather and immediately armed myself with two sweatshirts.

papaya dog2

Papaya dog at 2am. Cheese & Sauerkraut. 

This week: (in no order)

– work — Getting easier all the time.

– Both the roomies joined the gym so now I’ve got buddies. Did I mention there was a sauna?

– I got frozen yogurt delivered to my home. I’m not proud of it.

– Bowery Hotel made me feel like I was back in the time of good taste and classy cocktails. (http://www.theboweryhotel.com)

– $13 huge bowl of Ramen. Worth it. Best Ramen I’ve had so far at Ramen Misoya.

– Beer Pong in the back yard of an UWS apartment. (I didn’t play… still not something I’d expected to see).

– Drunks on the subway. (I never noticed how many intoxicated individuals rode the subway at 2am; until now. Also, I thought calling for Molly was unique to music fests… I was wrong.)

– Another trip to Target and Marshalls… I would love to say this was the last. It’s not.


– JENNY. (After mentioning the need to take a picture, I forgot to take a picture.)

– Our fridge is leaking.

– Fridge is getting fixed.

– The nook is starting to come together… kind of.

– Sunday Brunch with the roomies. It’s been a while.

– Found another local farmers market on our walk home from brunch. Bought some lavender.

DSC_5537 DSC_5541

All in all this week was great. After the horror stories of Craigslist roommates, I felt certain I was going to hit the jackpot of all crazies. Thanking the apartment gods instead; my roommates are the best.


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