Week 4: Rainy Days, Carnegie Hall, & Failure.

Day 1 (6.9): Oh Boy. My one month is fast approaching!

I was woken up this morning by the clacking sounds of rain droplets hitting the metal top of the cars parked outside my window (my window faces a parking lot). At least the honking from the street doesn’t reach my window! I wanted to go running this morning, but the weather clearly had other plans for me. Looks like I’ll be running tomorrow instead.

3.29pm- nervous.  (I like to pretend I don’t get nervous. I do.)

3.30pm- first job interview in NYC… on the phone.

3.53pm — Interview complete.

I find out if I move forward to a 2nd interview on Friday.

Thanks to this awesome website called Club Free Time I got a (almost) free ticket to go see a concert at Carnegie Hall tonight. It was magical. I’ve never been there before and the moment you walk into the auditorium (I was in the Stern Auditorium) history kind of slaps you in your face immediately. The first act was a bluegrass band called Monroe Crossing — they were great, but I can’t say it was my favorite bluegrass show. After several songs by Monroe Crossing they brought out a massive choir. It was a mixture of gospel choir music with bluegrass — now that was interesting! I LOVE choral music. The second act was by the New York Wind Symphony who performed two pieces — the first had a trombone soloist. I rather enjoyed the first piece, but was pleasantly surprised by the second. It was called Danzon 2 — inspired by Mexican dances. That was by far my favorite piece of the night; I couldn’t stop wiggling in my seat.


This week’s goal:  Run & workout 4 days

I’ve been eating a LOT of amazing food and although I’m not sedentary all the time, I don’t think simply walking around is going to cut it much longer.

I have big plans for some fried chicken next week. 

Day 2 (6.10): Today, I went to the American Natural History Museum. I feel a bit smarter today. Just a bit.

I’m feeling more than just a little antsy today. I’m starting to feel life-less without a purpose. Without a job. I’ve made friends and gone out, but I can’t continue on this joy ride guilt-free. Without a job.

I made a rather delicious dinner tonight… I’ve been eating out quite often… too often.



Tonight: Delicious wine, delicious food, Scotch, & wonderful company.  

Day 3 (6.11): Exploring Chelsea. It was a rather gloomy day with the possibility of rain so I left my camera at home. I’ve been at the Highline since I’ve moved, but it’s so awesome I came back today and walked around the neighborhood which has a lovely European charm with wide open cobble streets.

I continued to walk through Chelsea into what I think is midtown West — not a fan. Too many tourists, not enough real folk. I continued to walk regardless. I’ve noticed myself not noticing people here quite as often as I was when first coming here. I’m starting to get used to being constantly surrounding by people. As I was walking today through the giant groups of tourists I tried to imagine the streets without people. Entirely empty. Funny thing, I couldn’t. The city – the streets – would be completely transformed without the presence of humans to give it life. What makes NYC, NYC? People. Sure, there’s the architecture and the unique layout of the land, but when it comes down to it… it’s people that make this city unique; not the bare skeleton.

I walked for some time today. When I reached a subway station that could get me home I’d skip it and continue walking forward to the next one. I am forever in love with the ability to walk – everywhere. My feet were starting to hurt, but it didn’t matter.

I didn’t have any place to be so I just kept walking. 

 Day 4 (6.12):  Remember that goal I set at the beginning of the week? I do. I kind of put it off (as I sometimes do) towards the last 4 days of the week only to have it rain the past two days. Well, sort of. The weather forecast here is kind of useless… it said it was supposed to rain like 70% or 80% chance today. With this in mind I scratched my running plans for the day… it didn’t rain. Not until 11pm. It was rather gloomy though. It’s been like this for the past 2 days and is supposed to continue tomorrow… or so they say.

I’m hoping I’ll at least get to run this weekend when it’s supposedly going to stop being gross outside.

I took a nap today. It was chilly outside and I had my window open — it was oddly quiet and I took advantage. Nothing exciting today — just browsing the internet for jobs I would enjoy.

It’s nice not having to rush.  

Day 5 (6.13): It is so gloomy outside. Again. I don’t see myself running in this weather for the fear of rain… It’s June and I’m wearing sweatshirts outside. I’m confused.

You can’t even see Manhattan under the coat of rain.


I’m glad it hasn’t gotten hot yet though — I’ve yet to purchase a window unit and am concerned the bars on my windows will prevent me from putting one in anyway. Although, I’m not convinced.

DSC_4594 DSC_4599


The parking lot outside my window is full today. I was greeted this 5am morning with a round of car alarms before drifting back to sleep… I’m actually getting used to the constant noise. Besides getting woken up at 5am, I’m falling ever more in love with the sounds of the city.

This morning’s sounds from my living room window (5 minutes):

Honks. Tires rushing against the wet asphalt. Distressed chatter lulled by the misting rain. More honking in the distance. A high pitched whistle slowly passing my window. A ringing telephone coming from an open window somewhere close by. The roar of a bus’s engine starting to accelerate. A string of sirens barely audible in the background. A moment of silence giving rise to the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. The elusive sounds of a bird’s chirp! The growling engine of an idle bus right outside my window breaks the silence. Splashing puddles – someone walking by. More unrelenting honks.

I went to sleep with a wet head of hair last night…

Photo on 6-13-14 at 9.22 AM


It just started to pour. I’m going to brave the weather and go buy some groceries… besides 1/4 bag of shrimp, frozen cheese blintzes, and 15% can of sour cream I’m out of food. I’m going to buy some rice and beans. And popcorn. And continue to browse craigslist for something interesting. This is Week 2 of my job search. Oh! And I bought another concert ticket to Carnegie Hall tonight (Club Free Time).

The concert was wonderful.

carnegie2 carnegie3 carnegie4 carnegie5

The sounds of classical music warms my heart.


I never heard back about my phone interview. Perhaps I’m not as awesome as I thought. [Just kidding] Rejection happens. It happened today. I think I’ll live.

Taking the weekend to enjoy life some more, when else am I going to get the chance to explore and adventure as I do today?

Day 6 (6.14): Today’s Adventures: Mini Bakery tour through the East Village and SoHo & a Union Square Market walk with a group of lovely ladies.

Met up with ladies from a Meetup and made some great new friends. We took a stroll through the East village starting in Washington Square Park  and although we stopped in a few spots, I settled on one delicious goodie: the Canoli.  It was magnificent. And incredibly sweet.

baked goods 2 baked goods 3 baked goods 5

baked goods 1 baked goods 4market1 market2 market3 market4 market5 market6

Ended my day with some live tunes & Lenny’s Pizza. 

Day 7 (6.15): So maybe I’ve been a little bummed out about not having a job, but quite honestly I haven’t been as aggressive as perhaps I should be. Today, I’ve decided to enjoy my unemployment time… it won’t be long before I’m complaining about work.

The weather today was gorgeous! Brunch in the shade (grilled ham and cheese w/ kimchi) with beautiful company, a mini stroll through upper west side, and a Natural History Museum visit. I also used seamless for the first time today to order really yummy and equally disgusting Chinese food.

My tummy is both satisfied & unhappy. I’ll give my running goal a second try next week… perhaps the weather will play nice.

Can it be? The happiest month of my life is complete. 

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